Cucumber Recipes That Will Keep You Healthy And Hydrated
Image Credit: Cucumber soup (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Summers calls for chilled cucumbers to beat the scorching heat. With 90 per cent water, this green veggie keeps you hydrated. Rich in fibres, cucumber helps in digestion and keeps you full for long. Many people like to consume cucumber raw in the form of salads; however, this cool cucumber can be used to prepare various dishes too. We have churned out a list of items you can prepare from cucumber.

Cucumber Soup

Don’t believe the myth that states, soups should be consumed only in winters. You can have it on today’s platter too. It can be prepared in a short period with minimal ingredients. To cool off your taste buds, we advise you to refrigerate them for an hour before serving.

Cucumber & Peanut Salad

Get over your basic cucumber salad and add the flavour of peanuts to it. Chilled cucumber coupled with the crunch of peanuts will refresh your mid-week blues.

Kheere Pakode

Monsoon has come in some parts of India and our inner foodie can’t keep calm. Pakode is an evening snack in almost every Indian household. With different shapes and sizes, this fried bite has lots of variety. Deep fry your cucumber slices after coating them into the peppery batter to acquire the scrumptious taste.

Cucumber Cooler


 As the name suggests, this drink can make you feel cool from the inside. You can experiment and mix-match it with different mocktails and refrigerate it for a few hours.


This authentic Kerala recipe made from cucumbers can make your day for sure. To add the zing to this traditional dish, add lots of spice.

Kheere ka Raita: North Indians drool when it comes to serving raita with the basic meal. Chilled cucumber mixed with the goodness of yogurt offers both taste and benefits.