CSK Players Matheesha and Maheesh Can't Resist Kothu Parotta
Image Credit: Matheesha and Maheesh served with kothu parotta and chicken gravy, ChennaiSuperKings@YouTubue

What do our favourite cricketers love to eat? Isn't that a most exciting question that crosses our minds quite often? In an attempt to answer such queries, recently, a video of Chennai Super Kings cricketers Matheesha Pathirana and Maheesh Theekshana has emerged. Both can be seen devouring kothu parotta and chicken curry. The said video is shared by Chennai Super Kings official social media handle. The players got candid, expressed their take on the food, and tried to decode the recipe. What the audience can clearly see that both the players can't stop eating the delicious kothu parotta.

In the video, the two young CSK players are shown eating Tamil Nadu's famous street food, kothu parotta, with chicken curry in a relaxed setting. They both appear to like the flavour of the food as they take a mouthful. A frank Maheesh Theekshana admits that this is his cheat meal. He also shares that cooking this dish isn't a big deal. Pathirana joins in the conversation stating this combo is his favourite. They take a bite, give the culinary fares a thumbs up, and share that they usually like to relish it by eating with their hands. 

From the conversation, one can guess that Theekshana is an out-an-out gourmand. He gets into the detail of the dish and appreciates its fine balance of spice levels while mentioning that it would have tasted even better with some inclusion of cheese. When asked, can he eat kothu paratha every day? He heartily confesses that he can have it daily if it does not make him fatter. 

Two bowls of kothu paratha and chicken gravy, Image Source: Screengrab of CSK@YouTube

The next question put them in a contest to see who could finish it faster. And as one can guess, Theekshana states and demonstrates to be the clear winner. 

The fun tete-a-tete doesn't end there. Maheesh Theekshana goes on to the extent of decoding the recipe. According to him, kothu parotta has some paratha; he mixes chopped vegetables in one or two eggs, adds them to the parotta, and cooks them.

Matheesha Pathirana and Maheesh Theekshana devouring kothu parotta, Image Source: ChennaiSuperKings@YouTube

Pathirana, on the other hand, stayed almost quiet and enjoyed his co-cricketer's take on kothu parotta, hilarious comments and of course, the food.

Many fans have poured their love for Pathirana and Theekshana, calling them lions, gems, future of the CSK team. We are bound to remember the famous adage here, "The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach."