Croissant Pav Bhaji: Have You Tried This Viral Fusion Yet?

The culinary world is always open to experiments and the unique fusions in the kitchen are becoming food trends. Every Indian has a special place in their heart for street food and they are the most vulnerable options for weird creations. From chocolate samosa to egg pani puri and Oreo pakora, the list of bizarre combinations is unending.

The latest items that have become victims of this unusual fusion are croissants and pav bhaji. Recently, a food vlogger shared a video on social media where a shop at a Delhi mall used croissant buns instead of the usual pav for serving Bombay-style pav bhaji.

In the viral clip, the vlogger can be seen showing a plate consisting of croissant buns, Bombay-style bhaji, chopped onions, dry ginger powder and a lemon slice. He breaks the flaky bun into two pieces and tops it with a spoonful of bhaji. Then he sprinkles some chopped onions on it and garnishes it with dry garlic. Finally, the vlogger savours the dish by squeezing a few drops of lemon juice on it. 

He calls the dish "a flavour bomb" at the end of the video. It was uploaded on Instagram by a food vlogger, Karan Marwah, who goes by the name @foodelhi. “When the pav bhaji is French-inspired and the pao is the real hero What do you think about this flaky, puffy version? The bhaji was quite decent as well with all those condiments," Karan wrote in the caption. 

The caption further reveals that this croissant pav bhaji costs ₹585 and is available at a restaurant in DLF Avenue, Saket, New Delhi. The viral reel has gotten more than 5 lakh views and 12k likes so far. People in the comment section have mixed reactions. A few foodies are willing to try this unique dish but find it too expensive.  

One user on Instagam says, "As someone from Mumbai, I'm personally offended!" While another user has a positive reaction, he says, "I love flaky breads, and I think it will hold flavour even better. Looks appetizing and is not an absolute, unhinged food experiment. Authenticity is nice but overrated. Let people be innovative with food. The street style Indo-Chinese we love was once an innovation inspired by the taste palettes of 2 countries." "South Bombay pav bhaji?", says the third comment. "Bro, this is not Pav bhaji .. it's Crossover bhaji”, states the fourth. What’s your take on the croissant pav bhaji? Will you try it?