Cringe Or Binge? All About Mathura’s Famous Jalebi-Sabzi

The holy city of Mathura is best known as the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Devotees from around the world flock to the city seeking divine blessings. Mathura is dotted with multiple temples, some that go back hundreds of years. Equally bustling is the street food fare of the city, capturing the fancy of both the locals and the tourists. Now you may have heard about Mathura’s famous pedas, lassi and jalebis, but have you ever tried the Jalebi-Sabzi of Oma Pehelwan Kachori?  

That’s right, Oma Pehelwan is indeed a kachori shop, but you also find deliciously crispy, and sweet jalebis here. And that’s not all. The jalebis at Oma Pehelwan are served with a dash of the spicy potato sabzi that you usually find with kachoris. Yes, it is unheard of, it is bizarre, but unlike the weirdest food combinations like Roohafza Maggi, fruit chai, and chocolate biryani that exist on the streets today (why, oh why?) Jalebi Sabzi is not something ‘new’. In fact, the snack has been around for years, pleasing many generations of Mathurawaasis with its ‘eclectic’ flavours.  

It is a fairly common practice in India to juxtapose spicy with sweet Poori Halwa, Halwa Paratha or Aamras Puri are some fine examples. Jalebi itself has found many savoury companions in poha (Indore) and fafda (Gujarat), but seldom do you hear it being paired with something as hot as Kachori ki Sabzi. It is not even that common in Uttar Pradesh, it is just a Mathura phenomenon, which actually strikes a chord. Hear us out.  

People of Mathura, swear by the sabzi of Oma Pehlwan, the hand-made masalas and the dominant flavour of hing, makes the subzi as punchy as ever. The crispy, sugar-dipped, crushed jalebis complete the snack with its sweetness. Together, they create a harmony of flavours that guarantee a perfect start of the day. This popular breakfast item is sold for less than ₹50, and the refills of sabzi are free of cost. 

The jalebis are made in pure desi ghee, and everything is made from scratch in the shop and served fresh. It is said that former Prime Minister of India, Atal Vihari Bajpayee, has also visited the legendary shop and enjoyed the delish offerings.

Have you ever tried Jalebi-Sabzi in Mathura? Or would you like to try it out soon? Do let us know.