Cringe Alert: 5 Weird Food Trends Of 2021 That Made Us Go "Ugh!"
Image Credit: Source: Kadakfm/Instagram

Although the beginning of the year 2021 brought with it a ray of hope, the following months showed us one of the darkest phases of our lives. The raging pandemic showed us how bad times can get. During these hard times, if there was anything that kept us slightly sane, it was the internet. From interesting food trends to viral dance trends to make us groove, the internet was our only saviour during this dark phase. However, it wasn’t filled with all roses. There were a fair share of thorns too. The internet was also filled with weird food trends that disgusted the netizens. Here are some of them.

1. Nutella Biryani

Has the name of the dish already made you gag over it? Ah, we get it. A horrific picture with a plate of biryani with Nutella spread over it went viral on the internet and even grabbed the attention of many renowned personalities. Famous comedian Zakir Khan commented- “Ab mera haath uth jaayega!!”. We get you Zakir. Let’s meet for a cry session soon.

Our favourite saviour went through an array of weird experiments throughout the year. From curd and maggi to maggi pani puri, the experiments were disgusting and made us all uncomfortable. However, one of the weirdest experiments was the one with a bar of chocolate immersed in Maggi cooked Maggi to melt. Several Twitter users wished they had never seen the picture in the first place while we rolled our eyes at this disastrous experiment. Goodness, gracious!

3. Ferrero Rocher Manchurian

We all agree that Indians are die-hard fans of desi Chinese. The favourite street food cuisine is close to our hearts and we can’t see weird experiments with it. However, a Twitter user posted a picture of Ferrero rocher balls in Manchurian gravy with the caption- “Here to annoy you with a photo of the nicest thing I’ve found online. Enjoy!”.

4. Roshogolla Biryani

The ultimate Indian comfort food Biryani has kept us hooked to its deliciousness since times immemorial. A viral picture by a food blogger posted a picture of biryani with pieces of Roshogolla in it with the caption- "It sounds unbelievable? But I just had the Angoori Rosogolla Biryani along with Hara Bhara Kebab, Aloo Chaap and Dahi ka Chutney (along with Raita and vinegar-soaked Peyaaz) and Firni." The picture left the internet unhappy and disgusted.  

5. Maggi Pani Puri

Combining two comfort foods might sound interesting but this food trend proved it otherwise. Undoubtedly, pani puri and maggie are two of our favourite comfort foods. A picture with aloo mixture being replaced with maggi in pani puri went viral on the internet this year that left us rolling our eyes over it. This maggie trend was declared worse than the 2020 maggi trend of making maggi kheer.

As 2022 is barely 10 days away, we hope the internet will be a place filled with better surprises.