Create A Perfect Navratri Thali With Just Five Foods 

With Navratri celebrations right around the corner, we move closer to the seven days of fasting and all the tension that comes along with cooking special vrat food. But worry not, we have your back. Presenting the Navratri Special Thali with all courses on one plate. A little bit of dessert, some main course and starters, some Navratri rice on the side, and special raita to tie the entire meal together. A refreshing beverage to complete the plate. 

This full-fledged wholesome meal will keep you packed till the next one. Read on below to find what you can put on your thali:

Navratri Starters

For starters, keep it simple with some falahari panner tikka or chaat. And how could it be Navratri without some Sabudana tikki or mashed sweet potatoes? Just don’t forget the sonth ki chutney to go with the chaats and starters!

Navrartri Main Course

On the thali, assemble at least two sabzi. Most Navrartri dishes can be boring and unappetizing, so our tip is to season the food well. Cook some potatoes for a recipe of Arbi curry, aloo rasedar, or Bhandare vali aloo ki sabzi. If panner is your mind, put some creamy paneer sabzi or even an aloo panner rasedar


For the sides, shift between a “rice” dish and bread. For “rice” dishes try vrat ke chawal pulao or kuttu ki kichdi and in the bread category prepare a kuttu ka parantha or singhare atta puri. You can also prepare some delicious raita like cucumber or pomegranate raita go with your meal like 


Splurge on your desserts, fasting can be a tad difficult after all. There is the classic sabudana kheer or you can experiment with makhane ki kheer or lauki ka halwa or even some coconut ladoos. And if you aren’t looking for something too heavy, try some easy-to-make and healthy fruit chaat


After a taxing day of fasting, a refreshing beverage can make a huge difference. Banana shake or lassi can be the thick indulgence of your dreams. On the lighter side, whip up a glass of shiknaji or mosambi juice.