Crafting The Perfect Doppio Coffee, The Double Shot Delight
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Doppio coffee, also known as a double shot, is an espresso-based coffee beverage. The word "doppio" comes from the Italian language and translates to "double" in English. As the name suggests, a doppio consists of two shots of espresso served together in a single cup.

To make a doppio, baristas extract a double shot of espresso using an espresso machine. This involves passing pressurized hot water through finely-ground coffee beans, resulting in a concentrated and intense taste. The double shot of espresso provides a stronger caffeine kick compared to a regular single shot, making it a popular choice for those seeking a bolder coffee experience.

The standard measurement for a Doppio is typically around 2 ounces (60 millilitres) in total volume, evenly divided into two shots. It is worth noting that the exact volume may vary depending on the specific espresso machine and the preferences of the barista or coffee shop.

Doppio coffee is often enjoyed on its own, sipped slowly to savour the concentrated flavours and aroma. It can also be used as a base for other espresso-based beverages, such as lattes, cappuccinos, or macchiatos, where the double shot provides a robust foundation.

With its rich and powerful flavour profile, the Doppio is a favourite choice for espresso enthusiasts who appreciate the full-bodied and intense characteristics of this classic coffee beverage.

What Separates Doppio From Other Types Of Coffee?

Doppio Vs. Americano

Doppio coffee consists of two shots of espresso, making it stronger and more concentrated compared to an Americano. An Americano is made by diluting a shot of espresso with hot water, resulting in a milder taste and a larger volume of liquid.

Doppio Vs. Cappuccino

Doppio coffee is purely espresso, while a cappuccino combines equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. The milk in a cappuccino adds a creamy texture and a slightly sweeter taste, whereas Doppio coffee maintains the pure essence of espresso.

Doppio Vs. Latte

Doppio coffee is similar to a latte in terms of the presence of espresso. However, a Doppio contains two shots of espresso, while a latte typically includes a single shot. Additionally, a latte has a higher proportion of steamed milk, resulting in a creamier and less intense taste compared to Doppio coffee.

Doppio Vs. Macchiato

Doppio coffee and macchiato differ primarily in their milk content. Doppio coffee is purely espresso, while a macchiato is a shot of espresso "stained" with a small amount of milk or milk foam. This slight addition of milk in a macchiato provides a hint of creaminess while still allowing the espresso flavour to shine.

Doppio Vs. Mocha

Doppio coffee is distinct from a mocha in terms of flavour and ingredients. A mocha combines espresso, steamed milk, chocolate syrup, and sometimes whipped cream. The addition of chocolate in a mocha creates a sweeter and more dessert-like experience, unlike the pure intensity of Doppio coffee.

Doppio coffee stands out as a potent and concentrated espresso experience, best enjoyed by those who appreciate the strong taste and desire a higher caffeine content.

Here's How You Can Make Doppio Coffee At Your Home:


• Espresso machine

• Coffee grinder

• Tamper

• Espresso cups


• 28-36 grams of espresso beans

• Filtered water


• Start by ensuring that your espresso machine is clean and properly preheated according to the manufacturer's instructions.

• Fill the espresso machine's water reservoir with filtered water and turn it on to heat the water to the appropriate temperature.

• While the machine is heating up, measure out 28-36 grams of espresso beans, depending on your preference for strength. For a traditional Doppio, aim for 14-18 grams of coffee per shot.

• Grind the espresso beans to a fine consistency, suitable for espresso. The grind size should be similar to table salt.

• Once the espresso machine is fully heated, place the portafilter (the handle-like device that holds the coffee) into the machine's group head to preheat it.

• Empty any water from the portafilter, then dose the freshly ground coffee into it. Distribute the coffee evenly and level it off with your finger or a distribution tool.

• Use a tamper to firmly and evenly press down the coffee grounds in the portafilter. Apply even pressure to create a compact puck.

• Lock the portafilter back into the group head of the espresso machine.

• Position your espresso cups under the portafilter spouts to collect the extracted coffee.

• Start the extraction process by activating the espresso machine. The water should pass through the coffee grounds under high pressure for approximately 20-30 seconds per shot.

• Pay attention to the flow rate and colour of the extracted espresso. It should have a rich, dark colour, and the flow should be steady and consistent.

• Once the extraction is complete, you should have two shots of espresso. If desired, you can repeat the process to make additional Doppio shots.

• Serve the Doppio coffee immediately in espresso cups. Enjoy the intense and robust flavour of your homemade Doppio.

Note: Remember to adjust the grind size, coffee dose, and extraction time according to your taste preferences and the capabilities of your espresso machine. With practice, you can perfect your technique and create a delicious Doppio coffee at home.