The 3 Ingredient Snack Of Travis Kelce Is Genius
Image Credit: Flickr/Pexels

Finding more about the dietary habits of NFL players and making guesses about what they consume for optimal health is always fascinating. The audience is occupied with guessing what will happen next with Travis and Taylor Swift's most recent dive into the What Now tab. These are some of the munchies that Travis discussed on the most recent podcast. 

As you may already be aware, Travis has diverse eating customs that range from chocolate to serials, which are seen as odd or delicious in different contexts. A mature NFL player having a list of preferred snack items may seem odd, but that is exactly what he has. You can also look out for these snacks that he believes are tasty but also silly. If you're wondering what these snack items are and why everyone is so thrilled about three different ingredients as a snack. Here’s the answer! 

Reese's Puffs, a beloved American cereal, is also a popular television show snack featured. Travis states that he can consume an entire box in one sitting and that his favourite snack is still weird, but he loves it. How could someone be so obsessed with cereals? His other passions are indulging in the occasional Uncrustable during a mid-year getaway or game. He is proud that he is the only one who can eat as many Uncrustables as one can and that it has been his favourite his entire life. 

Are there several references to a particular meal option, or does he ever consume something that is regarded as typical? Don't worry! He, too, has other favourites from his homeland of Kansas City, such as the traditional baked beans with mac & cheese, the barbecue brisket with burnt ends, and other delectable Christmas feasts. 

Interestingly, he presented one of the three most unusual ingredients in the guise of a snack in a recent podcast. That’s right, he said that it is just the greatest nibble that can be taken off as a snack. Additionally, Travis mentions that he always combines blueberries, blue goat cheese, Pepperoni, and crackers and thinks of them as flavourful crackers—whenever he sees them. The combination of sweet and salty freaks out most people when they hear this, but he's used to the flavour and it is one of the best tastes you can combine with the right amount of balance. 

Travis also shared that including one of the three most unexpected ingredients is a great hack. It's just the greatest snack you can snatch off of a charcuterie board, he claimed. But everyone hearing this is immediately shocked by the sweet-salty combo. Though many in the crowd thought it was brilliant, the combination of the three ingredients tasted great even though they sounded strange.