Cover These 6 Snacks With Chocolate To Make Indulgent Desserts
Image Credit: Pexels

Everyone loves to nibble on evening snacks, but doesn’t a bowl of fruits or a pack of cookies get boring every day? Even though you are munching on your berries or emptying a pack of chips to curb your cravings, you might still not feel satisfied. If that’s the case and you are also a sweet tooth, this article is for you.

To elevate your daily snacks and the goodness of molten chocolate, you can literally wrap your go-to snack in a bowl of melted chocolate. Be it your favourite nuts or some chopped fruits, adding a layer of chocolate can make anything indulgent. Here are the best ways in which you can convert some boring evening snacks to bite-sized desserts.

Chocolate Cookies

If you like to munch on something every now and then, you would definitely have a pack of cookies with you. No matter if they are chocolate, almond, or even date cookies, all you need to do is get a bowl of melted chocolate along with your favourite cookies. Dip the cookies in that finger-licking chocolate, and set them aside till the chocolate cools down. After the cookies are set, they are all yours to eat.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Do you love to eat strawberries but also think you have had enough fruit for the day? Don’t worry; get a bar of chocolate and melt it either in a microwave or in a double boiler. Now, rinse some fresh strawberries and pat them dry with a clean cloth. Finally, dip them into chocolate, and you can indulge in the mouth-watering bite-sized dessert.

Chocolate Nuts

Nuts are a healthy option for evening snacks, but there can be days when you can get bored of them. So, with a bowl of melted chocolate and your favourite dry fruits and nuts like almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, etc, you can make some irresistible treats. Dip the nuts into melted chocolate and refrigerate them for a few hours. You can then munch on the chocolate-coated nuts and make your day.

Chocolate-Wrapped Marshmallows

Marshmallows are savoury treats in themselves. So, just imagine what magic you can create by dipping them in molten chocolate. If reading this made your mouth droop, get a pack of marshmallows and melt some milk chocolate. Then, add sticks to the marshmallows, dip them in the chocolate, and savour the richness of two treats that complement each other so well.

Chocolate Bananas

The same old bananas sitting in your fruit baskets for the past week can be turned into bite-sized desserts in no time. You know the drill: melt some dark chocolate and milk chocolate and chop the bananas into pieces. Now, dip half of the pieces in dark chocolate and half of them in milk chocolate. Finally, all that’s left is for you to relish the desserts.

Chocolate Ganache Brownie

Brownies are the humble delights that can be added to any dessert and make them extravagant. But if you’re just looking for a quick snack fix, you can make some chocolate ganache to dip the brownies in the gooey chocolate. So, take some dark chocolate, mix it in some heavy cream and melt it on low heat. After you get a uniform ganache, dip the brownies and satisfy your cravings.