Cooking With No Electricity: Here’s How This Blogger Duo Is Whipping Up Fancy Food In The Forest
Image Credit: Image: Instagram by @menwiththepot

Thanks to rapid technological advances, we are now used to cutting-edge appliances and services. A closer look at our day-to-day life will tell you that we can hardly cook a simple dish without using the gas stove or the blender in the kitchen. Can you imagine if you had to spend a day in some forest and cook your food without any access to electricity or such appliances at your disposal? Well, this is exactly what a blogger duo is going viral for. The two men from Poland with an Instagram account called ‘Men With The Pot’ are trending online. 

The brainchild of two Polish friends from Ireland - Slawek Kalkraut and Krzysztof Szymanski - the account was started out of passion, but has now garnered instant fame with over 1.1 million followers on Instagram in a short span of time. According to their official website, they bonded over mutual love for creating delicious meals with minimal resources in nature. “Men With The Pot started as an Instagram page where we shared our outdoor creations with friends and family, but quickly snowballed into a passion project that people all over the world began to connect with,” they wrote. 

If you go through their posts on social media, all of them reveal how they cook completely outdoors with all the natural means. Take a look at how they cook Bacon & Potato Roses:

Camping through the forests of Ireland, using just wood fires and hot stones for the heat to cook, the duo practically only uses some knives and boards as equipment in their cooking in their now viral outdoor cooking videos. Besides stones, they also use available natural elements like seasonal temperatures to their advantage. 

And no, the duo doesn’t just cook simple recipes. Right from a bowl of pasta to tortilla, bagels, garlic bread, duck bread and so much more, one can find so much more on their page. I was drooling over apple pie with caramel sauce, and then I saw how the duo has even tried recreating dishes from fast-food chains such as Pizza Hut and McDonald's in the forest. With the cooking skills these two have, they could easily give chefs a run for their money, don’t you think? 

The simple idea of surviving in the forest and acing it in there with so much creativity, has definitely appealed to the netizens, who are beyond impressed. Fans and followers believe that the blogger duo can cook practically anything and everything in the forest. You have to see how satisfying cooking ravioli in colour from scratch could be.

The comments section of all their videos is filled with reactions by fans, who are amazed with the whole process. Some called their videos 'relaxing' and 'addictive', some enquired about their processes and techniques."We need a cookbook from your page please," wrote one user, while another said, "What kind of knives are those?" Someone also wrote "The way I am attracted to this channel is almost disturbing!" Another requested, "Can you guys take me camping, I promise I'll be quiet!" 

What do you think about this unique cooking in the forest? Let us know.