Cooking Tips: Here's How To Fix Sticky Dosa Tawa
Image Credit: Dosa tawa (picture Courtesy: Instagram/tredyfoods)

Dosa tawa is simply life-saving for me. Why? Well, I make dosa almost every alternate day mostly because it’s easy to prepare given you have already prepared dosa batter in your refrigerator. I recently bought a new dosa tawa as the old one became useless and I had to witness burnt or sticky dosa every time I used to pour a ladleful of batter on it. I didn’t know ways to fix such dosa tawa earlier. But, now I am aware of some easy tips to quickly fix it. Yes, if your dosa tawa is disappointing you and doesn’t make crispy South Indian delicacy for satiating your cravings, you need to read further. 

Sticky dosa tawa can be annoying and can offer you uncooked and mushy lumps instead of a thin dosa. Here is an ultimate trick that can help use your dosa tawa in a hassel-free way and enjoy making South Indian treats.

Quick Fix

Before using your tawa, take some regular flour and smear it on the tawa. Evenly distribute the atta on the tawa including the edges. Let it stay for a minute and then dust off the atta using a kitchen towel. 

While doing this, make sure your tawa is completely moisture-free as otherwise, the flour will stick to your dosa tawa defeating the entire idea of buying a non-stick tawa.

Now, put the dosa tawa on low flame. Bring it to high flame eventually. Pour the dosa batter on the tawa and cook on a high flame. You will get your crispy delight ready within a minute. This will not only save your time but the effort also. 

Now, you don’t have to control your dosa cravings just because your tawa seems useless. Prepare this South Indian breakfast recipe right away and serve it with your choice of chutney. Here is an easy-to-make recipe for the same.