Cooking Tips: Chef Saransh Goila Reveals The Easiest Trick To Reheat Soggy French Fries
Image Credit: French Fries

French Fries are quite a favourite amongst many of us. The crunchy crispy potato bites make for the perfect side dish for everything from burgers to fried fish. It is undoubtedly one of the best potato preparations that enjoys a huge fan base, and there are several reasons to it. First off, they are pretty easy to make at home or find at a nearby restaurant, secondly, they go with just about any main preparation from pizza, pasta to burgers, in fact they are pretty much a great snack on their own as well. Lastly, what struck with the fans of French fries the most is perhaps the ultimate crunch and crisp of the fried snack. 

But the same crunch often doesn’t last long, whether they are from your favourite restaurant or homemade. No matter how fresh the batch may be or what cooking technique you use, after a few hours French fries tend to lose the crunch. Haven’t we all faced the disappointment of soggy fries when we actually hoped of enjoying it a bit later? And in a bid to revive them one last time, we all have either refried them or microwaved them- only to meet further disappointment, as nothing much changes.

Here is when celebrity Chef Saransh Goila enters and make life easier and our fries “delishaaas”. Goila is known to share quick tips, tricks and recipes with his fans and followers on social media every now and then. And in his latest video, he shares an easy hack to make your soggy fries crispy again.  

In the video shared on Instagram, Goila starts by warning against reheating the fries in a microwave and even goes on to show how they doesn’t change even after doing so. He then shared a tried and tested way to make sure your fries regain the life and crunch in just a matter of minutes. Instead of going the old school way of refrying it in oil or heating it in the microwave or using the many other tricks on the internet, all he does is add the French fries in the air fryer for 3 minutes. And voila! You have a plateful of crispy crunchy, and “straight like a scale-looking fries” to relish! Take a look at the video:

“How to make fries crispy again. Look no further. THIS IT IT! Crispy and #delishaaas” wrote Chef Goila in his caption on the post.  

Isn’t it one of the easiest ways to make your French fries crisp again? Got such amazing cooking tips and tricks up your sleeve? Share with us!