Cooking Tips: 3 Tips And Tricks To Ace Bread Pakora At Home
Image Credit: Instagram Image by @flavourofplatter

Pakora is one of the best street foods that excites our soul just by its name. They are mouth-watering fritters that are crispy, flavorful and bursting with lip-smacking flavours. Pakoras taste extra delicious when paired with a green chutney or any other flavorful sauce. We are blessed to have so many delicious varieties of pakoras such as aloo pakora, paneer, chicken, onion and so on. Out of all, most people avoid making bread pakoras at home because they feel like it requires extra ingredients and effort. Honestly, those who have tried would know that they are one of the easiest snacks to make at home in the most effortless manner. If you are still having trouble believing us, we are here to help you out and change your perception. Take a look at three tips and tips to ace street-style bread pakoras at home.

1. Use brown bread over white

The next time you make bread pakoras at home, try switching from using white bread to brown ones. This is not really a tip but a suggestion from our side that you can consider if you want to move from the usual. Using brown breads can give a bit of a healthier touch to your homemade bread pakoras. 

2. The batter must be of thick consistency 

The batter you whip up for pakoras should always be of thick consistency. Coating your slices of bread can get easier if the batter is thick as it will coat well from all the sides. Whisk the batter until there are no lumps and use water according to the consistency.

3. Don’t overfill the bread with mixture 

After your mixture is ready, the next step is to spread it over the bread slice. Fill the bread with a sufficient amount of mixture, which means it should neither be too much nor too less. As in making bread pakoras, we first lay the mixture evenly over the bread and then place another bread on top of it. So if you add too much of it, it might fall out while frying in the case when it isn't rightly coated.

Feeling tempted? Check out this recipe if you are planning to make bread pakoras.