All seafood lovers will agree that there’s something about the flavour and texture of prawns that makes them all go “Ga Ga” about it. However, all seafood lovers who also love to cook will agree to this- cleaning and prepping prawns is not as fun as eating them. From getting scratches from the shell to having a hard time deveining it and then realizing that you have already spent an hour doing the same, the struggles of cleaning and prepping prawns are real. However, needless to say, the internet has already made cooking easy for even noobs. From genius garlic peeling hacks to 5-minute recipes of even the most complicated foods, the internet is truly a blessing for beginners in the kitchen. One such brilliant kitchen hack was viral on the internet a few months back. The video showed how to peel the shell of the prawns off with a fork in seconds. As most people could relate to the struggles of deshelling and deveining the prawns, the video was trending in no time. So, to help you clean prawns effortlessly and without creating a mess, here are some hacks to help you clean prawns like a pro. 

1. The Fork Hack  

Cut the head off with a pair of scissors and keep them aside in case you want to make a stock or curry. Slide the last prong of the fork under the shell from the head side and pull the shell off gently to release the prawns from the casing. Use the tips of a knife to devein it and your prawns are ready to use. 

2. The Knife Hack

Hold the prawns firmly in your hands and make a shallow incision through the back of the prawns with a sharp knife. With your fingers, peel the shell off from each side. The vein must be visible by now. Use the tip of your knife to place it under the long vein and lift it up to remove the vein. Clean the prawns thoroughly and they are ready to use now. 

We hope these hacks will make your life easier by saving you from getting cuts and scratches while cleaning and deveining the prawns. Now that you know some genius hacks to clean the prawns, you must try our delicious prawn recipes here.