4 Cooking Myths That You Should Stop Believing
Image Credit: Cooking Myths

Cooking is an art, and we adopt various measures to enhance our skills. However, even with different spices, sometimes they don't give you the appropriate taste as they should be. This happens because you believe in some rumours related to cooking. By relying on these myths, you end up repeating the same mistake every time you cook. However, you do not even realise that the same might happen to you until now. So, today we are busting some such cooking myths, which you believed blindly.

Cooked chicken constantly changes colour

Some people believe that it is thoroughly cooked when the chicken turns pink. Do you think the same way? Let us tell you that this is also a myth. It would be best to give the chicken enough time and the right temperature to cook. However, it's impossible to judge whether the chicken is cooked or not by just their changing colour. Therefore, it is better to use a meat thermometer instead to give you the correct information about the cooked chicken.

Nutrient loss due to microwave heating

You may have heard that heating or cooking food in the microwave damages its nutrients. However, this is an ultimate myth. Microwaves expose foods to a less intense heat that is similar to boiling. This way, it limits the loss of nutrients from the food. For example, broccoli steamed in the microwave is high in glucosinolates. However, microwave damages food when cooking or heating of food is done in a lightweight plastic bowl.

Wash pasta in cold water

This is also a myth, which we have believed till now. Do you know that pasta often gets spoiled at home due to this? Generally, we think of washing pasta with cold water after boiling. This will cool the pasta, remove the starch, make the sauce stick well to taste it good.

Don't wash the cast iron pan

There's also a myth that you shouldn't wash your cast iron pan. However, this is not entirely true. Ordinary soap can damage the pan's coating, but you can clean it with water and a sponge. However, keep in mind that you dry it thoroughly after washing to not rust.

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