Cooking hacks : Tips to bake a perfect cake

Cakes are the universal symbol of celebration whether it's a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. People frequently think about buying cakes from the market because there is such a wide selection of flavours available there, but we can never be sure about the quality of readymade items. Making a cake at home has several advantages, including the ability to add dry fruits or nuts to make it pleasant and nutritious, adapt it to your preferences or taste, and never have to worry about sanitation or quality. (Also read: Sweet or savoury: How would you like your cake? )

Baking a perfect cake at home is not easy as often. While making cakes at home, various issues might arise, such as the cake deflating, failing to rise properly, being overcooked from the bottom up, or not softening enough. Baking is a science; each component has an important role and can affect the final product. Therefore, baking a great cake calls for a precise process and procedure.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Namrata Sanwal, dessert artist and founder of instagram page @pastrychefnam suggested some fool-proof tips that can help you to bake a perfect cake.

1. Always practice Mise-en-place

It is basically the process of having all your ingredients properly measured in separate bowls and all your bakeware lined and ready, before you actually start preparing the cake. This way, the chances of you messing up the recipe are less.

2. Let your oven pre-heat completely

Before you start preparing your cake make sure to pre heat your oven. This will ensure your cake gets the jump it requires when it starts to bake.

3. Always use room temperature ingredients

Using room temperature while baking ingredients reduces the risk of overmixing because they combine more easily than cold ones.

4. Use weighing scales

When making a cake, it's crucial to use the right proportions of the ingredients because even a tiny bit of too much of one ingredient might ruin your baking experience. Weighing scales should always be used to measure your ingredients. This will ensure accuracy, unlike measuring cups.

5. Don’t over-mix the cake batter

Over-mixing of cake batter leads to loss of air along with the flour developing gluten which eventually results in a dense and tough cake.

6. Never open the oven

Many times we frequently check the oven when baking a cake in the excitement of it. Avoid doing this, especially at first, as the shift in temperature can cause your cake to sink.

7. Let it cool

Remove it from the oven and let it cool down completely before de moulding. If it's warm and not completely set, the chances of it breaking while de moulding are higher.