Maria Goretti Seen Enjoying A Sumptuous Goan Feast

Maria Goretti was seen having a field day with the experiential travel company Soul Travelling, tracing back to old-school cooking traditions during her recent visit to Goa. The cookbook author and TV host was filmed helping local women on Chorao island with meal prepping for a delicious lunch which included a host of regional Goan favourites like Donne (a rice flour dessert filled with coconut and jaggery) and Saasav (a sweet-spicy curry made with small locally sourced mangoes called Ghonta).

The multi-talented Maria was seen laughing and enjoying coaxing a wood fire and later on sitting down with a plate full of delicious food which included rice, poee (local Goan bread), dried prawns kismoor, a vegetable preparation with radish, fried prawns, prawn curry with drumsticks and Mangane – a coconut milk-based dessert to conclude the meal. She also spent time kickstarting the day roasting cashew nuts, a popular summer ingredient in the beach state.

Maria was greeted for the experience with a traditional aarti thaali and a teeka on her forehead, followed by which she was given some goodies to take back home with her. She was seen beaming throughout the entire course of the day as she peeled mangoes, helped stuff the donne and watched eagerly as the women cooked up a storm. Later on, the TV host was seen guessing the local names of each dish on her plate and drawing comparisons to what she identifies them as back home.

She appeared to be relaxed and dressed-down for the occasion in a simple salwar-kameez and immersed herself completely into the process, as she helped the others bring out bowls of food to the table set up by a river, under the shade of trees. Tell us what your favourite food memories from Goa are, in the comments below and share your favourite seafood dish with us.