How To Cook Rice Without A Cooker?
Image Credit: Cook Rice Without Cooker

Rice is a staple for plenty of people around the globe. But do you know its overconsumption can increase weight and fill the stomach? This is because a bowl of rice contains fat and carbohydrates, due to which many people avoid eating rice. If this is the case, then learn a new way of making rice today, i.e. without the cooker. 

Cooking rice in the cooker

Pressure cooker rice can cause weight gain due to the accumulation of steam. The steam collects in the cooker, and rice is ready quickly from this collected steam. Whereas in other utensils, steam is continuously released, hence the rice takes time. 

Disadvantages of pressure cooker rice

Do you know this quickly cooked rice also has disadvantages? It is high in fat, carbohydrates, harmful to health and sticks to each other. That's why doctors also advise not to cook rice in the cooker. Anyway, do you know that rice was never made in the cooker? However, these days people have started making them in cooker due to quick preparation. 

Best way to cook rice without a cooker 

So from now on, stop making rice in the cooker and prepare them in this healthy way.

  1. Before making rice, soak them in water for at least half an hour. 
  2. Now take two glasses of water in a pan and heat it on the gas. 
  3. When the water becomes hot, drain the soaked rice and put it in the heated water pan. 
  4. Put a spoonful of ghee on top. 
  5. Now cover the pan with a plate. 
  6. After 5 minutes, flip the rice over and check it. If the rice is cooked, then switch off the gas.

Benefits of cooking rice in pot/pan: Pan cooked rice does not cause weight gain and is also beneficial for diabetic patients. This is because it does not contain any amount of fat and carbohydrates and may prove to be helpful for heart patients.