Coffeehouse Chain Employee Reveals ‘Secret Menu’ Drink; Netizens Aren’t Impressed
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

Summer is one season when our creativity in making unique drinks to cool off ourselves sees its highest point. From mocktails and cold coffees to shakes and smoothies - there is no dearth of delicious drinks out there to keep ourselves hydrated. There are so many options even on the menus of fast-food chains and cafes as well. As soon as the summer season arrives, a lot many fast-food and coffee chains also introduce summer-special menus for their customers. However, many of us have specific requirements and like to customise our drinks. While some might be usual, some customisations are outright bizarre. One recent drink recipe shared by a Starbucks employee has left the internet aghast. Patricia Calpo shared a video showing the making of a special drink from the coffeehouse chain’s ‘secret menu’ and people aren’t happy.

Patricia starts to make the bizarre drink by adding blueberries, brown and white sugar, agave syrup and honey to the cup. Then, she proceeds to add malt powder, matcha powder and even chocolate chips. Yes, you read that right. This was followed by ingredients such as strawberry, dried fruits, and kiwi. It doesn’t end there. Espresso and black tea were both added to the bizarre Starbucks drink. Next came the juices including mango, dragon fruit, lemonade and kiwi juice. Patricia pours all this together in a shaker along with some ice. Before serving, the drink was topped with frothy cream, caramel drizzle and mocha syrup.

With a drink as weird as that, Reddit users could not help but express their horror on seeing this horrible drink. Several of them said that this mishmash of ingredients was the stuff that nightmares were made of. "Should have kept this menu a secret," commented one user, while another wrote, "I hate when baristas have to do this." 

Some people also pointed out that social media had created this trend of making the most bizarre concoctions just to grab eyeballs online. What did you think of the drink? Let us know.