Coffee Houses To Cafes: The Best Coffee And Food In Dalhousie
Image Credit: Pixabay, There are plenty of cafes and coffee shops in Dalhousie to sit back and enjoy the scenery.

If the name Dalhousie rings a bell in your head, that’s because you might have come across this name in history books back in school. During the colonial rule, Lord Dalhousie was the Governor-General of our country at one point of time. He has been credited for his contribution in the railways and passenger trains. This tiny hill station, housed amidst the Dhauladhar range, was named after him. Even today, you would find the reflection of British in the colonial-style buildings, churches and schools as well as the cuisine of the place. Located at a very high altitude covering a small area on ground, Dalhousie is the place to be when you want to escape the city and sip the best coffee in peace. 

Well-connected by rail, given the tracks developed by Lord Dalhousie during his reign, you can travel to Pathankot which the nearest railway station to the hilly area. From there, you can take a cab for further distance. Not only does the place offer a beautiful natural habitat to relax, it also has some cute and amazing eateries to devour while soaking in the views. From cheesy bites to desserts like doughnuts, everything fares well with a cup of hot coffee here. Overlooking the mountain range of Himachal Pradesh, we would recommend the following places if you are heading out to the hill station some time soon. 

1.  Café By Mongas 

This is one of the most popular cafes situated on the Mall Road. An affordable and pocket-friendly joint that you can enjoy with your friends and family, this place offers a delicious range of pizzas and pastas. With the western oldies playing softly, you would really have a nice time gorging on their delectable food and well-lit interiors. They even offer vegan options on their menu. 

Source: Cafe By Mongas/Instagram

2.  Café Dalhousie 

A trip to the hilly terrains of this part of Himachal is incomplete without a treat at Café Dalhousie. From pizzas to grilled sandwiches and shakes, they have it all and you will be left wondering what to leave out. The valley and the hills adjacent to the café make it an attractive spot for tourists. 

3.  Shiva Café 

You might find a Shiva café in almost all hill stations. This one in Dalhousie is a must-visit we say. Centered around water, this is an open-air eating joint that lets you eat with nature. Take the bridge built over the Panchpulla waterfall and at the top of it, you’ll find this café. A great place to devour Italian and Indian delights, it is also one of the few places that offers hookah. 

Source: Shiva Cafe/Instagram

4.  Mountain Coffee House 

You think the mountains are calling? We say grab a cup of coffee on the way. Located near to the Khajiiar lake, which is a little above Dalhousie, this Mountain Coffee House is definitely worth a visit. From the warm espressos and cappuccinos, the place also has several snack options like garlic bread, cheese poppers and more.