Cocktail Mixers: The Perfect Way To Bring The Bar Home
Image Credit: Cocktail Mixers

Our search for cocktails and adventurous bars doesn’t end ever—we look out for new drinks that excite us. And yes, we do not mind shedding out a few bucks for some refreshing drinks post an exhaustive day or a week. Guess what? You don’t have to go anywhere anymore! We bring a more economical option for you that can help you enjoy cocktails anywhere, anytime. The taste and excitement can be experienced at a brunch, date night, house party or just a calm night at your home. So get ready to unleash the bartender in you with these cocktail pre-mixtures to your rescue. Select your favourite flavour and make a classic cocktail at home. It can be a cold margarita or a cosmopolitan or a mix of different flavours! Here is a list of precisely what all you will need and how to go about it: 


  1. Lemon wedge/mint leaves for garnish 
  2. Drinktales cocktail mixer (1 sachet) 
  3. Water or Soda or tonic (60ml) 
  4. Choice of Alcohol (60ml) 


  1. Select your favourite alcohol for a base. Then, put 60ml in a glass or shaker. 
  2. Pour the Drinktales sachet content in it. (Choose flavour according to the alcohol base) 
  3. Add 60 ml water or soda. 
  4. Add ice and mix thoroughly (if using a shaker) or stir. 
  5. Enjoy your cocktail after garnishing.

Things to keep handy to bring your bar home

Not everything is required, but a few essential tools can go a long way: 

  1. Wine Key/Bottle opener: A tool devised to open different kinds of liquor. 
  2. Cocktail Shaker: A tool designed to mix and dissolve ingredients well. Make sure to buy a decent size—one, which allows making more than one drink at a time. 
  3. Glass Jars/ Containers: To fill in syrups, fresh juices, water, and soda. 
  4. Jigger: A double-sided shot glass device used to portion alcohol by the ounce. 
  5. Sturdy Knife and Cutting Board: To cut lemons, oranges, apples, and other fruit to help garnish the cocktail. 
  6. Muddler/Infuser: A grinder to mash fruits, basils, and spices at the end of a glass to release their flavour. 

Last but not least, cocktail pre mixers effortlessly add flavourful magic to your drink. 

Spirits that go hand in hand 

Jumbled about getting the most out of your cocktail pre mixers, we have got you covered. Sharing best liquor combination for your favourite cocktails pre-mixers: 

  1. Cosmopolitan: Vodka is its best blend. Add an ounce of Vodka or two with water + Soda in the premix and stir away in its fruity citrus glory. 
  2. Mint Daiquiri: Add an ounce of rum with water + soda in the premix, and your classic cocktail is ready. Just add mint leaves to garnish. 
  3. Cinnamon Sangria: Add an ounce of wine with water + rum to the mixture, and you are sangria ready. In addition, drop in some chopped apples and cinnamon sticks to get that oomph factor. 
  4. Chilly Margarita: Add an ounce of regular tequila with water/soda, and you are ready to go. Add lemon on top. 

Kick back at the end of your working day; take your cocktail blends up to an entirely new level by equipping your bar with a selection of alcohol infusers, cocktail syrups, and intense flavours. Bring your bar home with cocktail pre-mixtures and turn your classic cocktail into a signature drink with an astonishing flavourful twist.