Cinnamon Milk Recipe: Here Are 3 Health Benefits Of Consuming It
Image Credit: Cinnamon Milk

Cinnamon milk recipe and health benefits: Monsoon is around, and you must have bought a packet of gram flour (besan) at home. We know that you are anxiously expecting chai and pakodas in the rainy season. But those who are suffering from high cholesterol or blood pressure should avoid this deadly combination. Instead, they should enjoy hot cinnamon milk in this fantastic weather. According to experts, cinnamon milk is the best option to overcome the addiction to tea, and it also helps reduce weight.

How to prepare cinnamon milk?

  1. Boil milk well in a pan on low flame.
  2. Then add a spoonful of cinnamon powder to the hot milk, mix it, and turn off the gas.
  3. Your cinnamon milk is ready. Serve it in your favourite mug and drink it while enjoying the rain. 

Three health benefits of drinking cinnamon milk

  1. Controls blood sugar: Cinnamon milk is beneficial for diabetic patients. It has also been shown in several studies that numerous cinnamon compounds help in controlling blood sugar. Anyway, blood sugar patients have multiple other problems during the change of season (from summer to monsoon); therefore, cinnamon milk helps prevent such infections in patients with type-2 diabetes.
  2. Help lose weight: Experts often advise women to drink cinnamon milk after childbirth. This is because drinking cinnamon milk helps in reducing post-partum weight loss. Apart from this, cinnamon milk gives relief from the problem of gas and indigestion.
  3. Help relieve insomnia: Cinnamon milk also helps in reducing the problem of insomnia. Several people have difficulty in sleeping due to office stress, work from home effects and household chores. In such a situation, cinnamon milk can help you get a night of good sleep.

To gain all these benefits, make cinnamon milk at home (with the steps mentioned above) and drink it in the upcoming rainy season.