Top 4 Chromium Rich Foods To Stay Healthy
Image Credit: Chromium Rich Foods

You must have heard about calcium and vitamins, but no one talks about chromium. If your skin looks lifeless and you always feel restless, then you might lack chromium in your body. Chromium is an essential breakdown for carbs and fats that protects our body from several diseases. Here are its health benefits.

  1. Reduces Risk Of Heart Diseases: Taking chromium regularly reduces the amount of bad cholesterol that causes heart diseases. However, Dr Simran Saini says that most deaths due to heart attacks result from a lack of chromium in the body.
  2. Essential For Skin: The deficiency of chromium gets the cells damaged, making skin look lifeless. Therefore, chromium is necessary to keep the skin healthy.

Why Is Chromium Important?

Dr Simran Saini says that chromium is a metal generally used in making various parts of cars etc. In our body, chromium helps in releasing insulin into the body. But, do you know that its deficiency can lead to diseases like diabetes? Therefore, in today's article, we will learn about the foods we can quickly get chromium from.

  1. Chromium Rich fruits: Apples, bananas, oranges are some fruits that contain significant amounts of chromium. Therefore, if you eat an apple, orange and two bananas mixed in a bowl of curd, then your whole day chromium requirement will be fulfilled.
  2. Chromium Rich Vegetables: If you don't like to eat fruits in the morning, eat vegetables that contain chromium. Broccoli, potatoes, corn, ginger, garlic etc., contain chromium. Fry all these vegetables in oil for five minutes by adding a tempering of garlic. Now serve it on a plate and eat it. These veggies will also meet your entire day's need for chromium. 
  3. Tulsi Leaves: Similarly, basil leaves also contain chromium. Therefore, eating two to three basil leaves every morning covers up the chromium deficiency in the body. Apart from these, chromium is also found in bread, brown rice, cheese etc.
  4. Eggs And Meat: There are all kinds of minerals in non-veg food. For example, chromium is found in abundance in eggs, meat and shellfish.

So consume all these chromium-rich foods and keep your body healthy.