Christmas Fruit Cake Can Last Months Beyond The Festival!
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Festivals pass us by. While the waiting period is exciting, the period following the festivities is bittersweet. Winter is still around, but the season's allure appears to be fading. However, the holiday hangover lasts a long time. Those mounds of fruitcake, in particular, evoke memories. Fruitcake has the advantage of remaining fresh for months if properly preserved. It is also mandatory to keep your hands off the cakes as much as possible. Touching them every now and then can interfere with their shelf life. However, you can keep fruitcakes supple throughout the summer. Use these quick tips to keep fruitcake moist, based on how long you intend to store it.

Can last 100 years

Due to its chemical makeup, the cake may be preserved for a hundred years. Its density keeps bacteria and moulds at bay, while its alcohol content retains it sterilised and extends its life. The cake's modest amount of water and high sugar content help inhibit mould formation and bacteria. If prepared correctly, science combined with cooking permits the cake to be palatable for an extended time! Even though the cake can be made without alcohol, the original recipe calls for strong liquor and macerated candied fruit. The fruit cake was originally made with brandy. The formula now includes brown rum more often.

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For one month's shelflife

After unwrapping from its cellophane wrapper, a high-quality fruitcake can be stored at room temperature for up to four weeks. Consider storing the cake in an airtight jar in between consumption.

One-four months preservation 

If you prefer a slice of fruitcake every now and then, medium-term storage is the way to go! Before placing your fruitcake in an airtight container, encase it in plastic wrap. After that, place the container in the refrigerator. This can keep your fruitcake fresh for at least two months.

Storing surpassing four months

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This type of cake's longevity is also because one's ability to resist temptation. You must encase your fruitcake in plastic wrap, next by a layer of foil. Ensure there is no touch between your fruitcake and the foil. Afterwards, store your wrapped cake in a freezer-safe container with a tight lid. Simply take your fruitcake out of the freezer, cut off a piece, and microwave it for a brief time whenever you feel like treating yourself to something sweet. You may finish it with a dollop of butter, a dab of honey, or even a little booze.

Booze inundated ones

Soak cheesecloth in the same booze that was used to infuse the fruitcake. Wrap the fruitcake in cheesecloth before wrapping it in a sheet of foil. Ensure your fruitcake and the foil are not in contact with one another. Store the wrapped fruitcake in an airtight container and place it in the refrigerator. The liquor-infused cakes will stay fresh for up to six months this way!