Holly Jolly, Eggnog and More, Festive Ready Drinks to Enjoy

What better way to kick up your Christmas house party than with a well-chosen assortment of tasty beverages as the Christmas season unfolds and joy defines the air? Shyam Kumar, bar manager at the Renaissance Bengaluru Racecourse Hotel, shares his knowledge with an alluring collection of cocktail and mocktail concoctions that are sure to liven up any party. 

With the sparkling lights and happy atmosphere, these handcrafted drinks go perfectly with everything, making every sip a party in and of itself. From classic cocktails that capture the spirit of the season to creative mocktails that please all tastes, Shyam’s creations take you on a trip of the senses that blends old and new. 

These recipes will be the talk of your Christmas party, whether you prefer traditional drinks or are looking for alcohol-free options that are just as magical. So, raise a glass to the artistry of mixology, as Shyam unveils a symphony of flavors designed to make your Christmas house party an unforgettable and spirited affair. 

Holly Jolly  


60 ml Pineapple Juice   

20 ml Vanilla syrup  

10 ml Lime juice   

90 ml Ginger ale   


In a tall glass, add ice pour pineapple juice, and mix vanilla syrup.  

Add the lime juice and stir well. 

Top it up with Ginger ale and garnish the drink with a slice of pineapple.  

Jingle Bells  


30 ml Strawberry Syrup  

20 ml Almond syrup 

20 ml Lime juice   

90 ml Cranberry juice  

3 Mint Leaves   


In a glass, add ice and pour cranberry juice. 

Add the almond syrup and lime juice. 

Stir well and garnish the drink with fresh mint leaves. 

Mulled Wine 


150 ml Red Wine   

6 g Clove  

5 g Cinnamon 

8 g Cardamom  

5 g Star Anise  


Warm the wine slightly. 

Add all the spices and stir well. 

Pour it into a glass and garnish it with a cinnamon stick. 



1 Egg   

6 g Sugar  

60 ml Milk  

30 g Cream  

60 ml Rum, Bourbon & Brandy  


In a shaker, add ice and the whole egg along with sugar, milk, cream, rum, Bourbon & Brandy.

Shake everything well together until it forms a creamy texture. 

Pour the entire mixture in a glass. 

Quick Tip

Make festive beverages that are perfect for the holidays by adding your favourite flavours and a festive appearance. For a cosy, wintery twist, try infusing traditional cocktails with spices such as cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. If you want to make a statement, garnish with some bright red or greenery, like mint or cranberries. To make mocktails more impressive, add fizz with ginger ale or sparkling water and flavour with fresh fruit juices. Don’t overlook the importance of presentation—use festive glassware and garnish the rims with sugar or edible glitter. Using these suggestions, you may make Christmas drinks that are not only delicious, but also the life of the party.