10 Best Indian Single Malts To Celebrate The Festive Season
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India can be attributed as the land of whisky. It is the biggest user by far, consuming about 6 billion litres of it annually at weddings, parties, homes, and bars. Not only that, but the country also has a long history of producing this liquid gold. On the global whisky map, however, it has never been as prominently featured as Scotland, Japan, Ireland, or the US. However, local whisky companies are now altering that dialogue.

Here are some of the best single malts that are quickly establishing their position on top shelves. They are made all over the nation, with each brand utilising a particular climate and water to create an exclusive product. They are made in the foothills of the Himalayas, on the sandy beaches of Goa, and in the plains surrounding Bengaluru in the south.

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1. Seagram’s Longitude 77’

This brand pays homage to the country's captivating spirit. The single malt is made with the finest ingredients in small batches at a distillery in Dindori, Nashik, Maharashtra, for those looking for real, modern Indian luxury. It is a representation of India's historical craftsmanship, varied cultures, and rich terroir. Each pack of Longitude 77 honours the colour indigo, which is considered to be India's special gift to the world. The whisky has a distinctive flavour which is rich and mellow with notes of oak, vanilla, and finishes with a subtle hint of fruit. 

2. GianChand

This whisky, which is distilled in the picturesque city of Jammu, which is situated in the Himalayan foothills, embodies the water, minerals, climate, and spirit of the area. Renowned whisky critic Jim Murray has praised this highly sought-after whisky as "the best single malt whisky from India in recent times." The distinctive flavour of the whisky is enhanced by the addition of specially made long swan neck copper pots during the distillation process. It tastes sweet, like pineapple drop candy with a faint barley flavour. Its delicate notes are lent by a vanilla base infused with thin oils, which also solidifies GC's desired spot in the bar.

Price: 4000 to 5000 approx. depending on the state

3. Laphroaig Scotch 10 Years

One can be happy when they make this investment. Laphroaig's master distillers use centuries-old traditions to create their single malts, captivating everyone with their passion. After being cold-smoked and made with malted barley, it is dried over a peat fire. The powerful, smokey aroma flows with notes of seaweed and peat, offering a sweet delight with each sip. Rich and potent, this whisky is best enjoyed on special occasions when you truly want to celebrate.

Price: Rs. 10200

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4. Kamet Single Malt

As Kamet's distillery is located near the ancient town of Kurukshetra, it exudes an air of old-world grandeur. There is a subtle hint of smoke and leather in the aroma of this modern whisky. Along with its sherried qualities, it has notes of cinnamon sticks, spicy wood, and other flavours. It tastes sweet and chocolatey, but the air is tinged with an earthy, burnt odour. It is appropriate for people who wish to feel comfortable trying something unique.

Price: Rs. 5000

5. Glenmorangie The Lasanta

One of the best whisky brands is Glenmorangie. The beverage is exceptionally tasty, featuring creative blends. Its hues of sunset, derived from its mix of red, purple, and orange, make it the ideal drink for a sundowner. The whisky has been matured for up to 12 years in sherry and bourbon casks, giving it notes of both sweetness and spice. Additionally, as the aromas of cinnamon hit the nose, the hint of raisins, honeycomb, hazelnut, and dark chocolate is sufficient to titillate the senses. As enticing as it sounds, the lengthy, silky finish has citrus undertones.

Price: Rs. 9670

6. Amrut Fusion

With its delicious flavours of fresh fruit, honey, spices, and a hint of smoke, the whisky is quickly rising to the top among fans of the spirit. With a 50% ABV, this whisky is the strongest and offers a truly exclusive drinking experience. It is distilled in India and is made from a blend of barley imported from Scotland, the home of whisky, giving it a distinctively Indian flavour with a touch of global influence.

Price: Rs. 5200

7. Rampur Select

A superb single malt whisky produced in the country, it took home two gold medals at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. This spirit, which comes from the Radico Khaitan house and the Rampur distillery, has a cosy appeal and captures the vibe of an extensive Indian summer. The aroma is fruity and flowery, and the palate is rich and creamy with notes of apple, apricot, and vanilla. It's fascinating to note that traditional copper pot stills are still used to make this Indian single-malt whisky.

Price: Rs. 9,255

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8. Godawan

A major revolutionary event in Indian whisky history occurred when Diageo, the second-largest alcohol company in the world, realised there was a market for domestic single malts and introduced Godawan, an Indian-made single malt made in Rajasthan, in March 2022. Due to the superb Rajasthan's six-row barley and a lengthy fermentation cycle, the spirit establishes India as the global hotspot for premium single malts. Its remarkable complexity of flavour profile rings of Indian herbs and has a rich and complex character.

Price: Rs. 3500

9. Paul John Oloroso

Every Paul John whisky produced by John Distilleries in Goa is a burst of flavour. American bourbon barrels are used to age the Oloroso expression, and sherry casks are used to finish it.  With every sip, the flavours of rich fruit cake and nutty chocolate greet the taste buds.  Long and sweet, there's an infusion of spices and a hint of coffee in the finish.

Price: Rs. 4,190 approx in New Delhi; Rs. 9,000 approx in Mumbai

10. Indri Trini

A fantastic choice from the Piccadily Distilleries family, Indri Trini is distilled in the foothills of the Himalayas. Blending three different barrels—one each from bourbon, ex-wine, and PX sherry casks. The whisky has notes of burnt sugar pineapple, tea, and oak.

Price: Rs.5,100 approx in Mumbai, Rs. 3,100 approx in Gurgaon

Indian whiskies are distinguished from other whiskies around the world by a number of factors. Due to the country's moderate climate and quicker rate of maturation compared to their Scottish colleagues, they mature earlier and are more refined and full of character. The main characteristic that sets these spirits apart is their unique flavour profile. Barley, wheat, and maize are used, along with spices like cardamom, fennel, and coriander, which give Indian whiskies their unique flavour and scent that is unmatched by whiskies from other countries.