Christmas 2023: 7 Santa-Approved Potluck Starters For Your Party
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Christmas is a time when all friends and family gather around and celebrate the warmth of togetherness and the joy of giving, and Potluck parties have become the best way to share joy. Potluck parties have become a cherished tradition all over the world. It provides a delightful way for friends, families, and colleagues to come together and share delicious homemade meals, along with sharing the joy of communal dining.

The term “potluck”  has its roots in the communal sharing of meals. Originally, it referred to a meal where each guest brought a dish to share, and the selection of dishes was left to chance, hence the term "the luck of the pot.” Over time, this concept evolved into the potluck parties renowned today, which are characterised by a diverse array of culinary creations.

What makes potluck parties special is the collaborative nature of the meal. Letting the guests pick their favourite dish is what makes potluck parties so much fun. The coordination that goes into the preparation and planning of the entire dinner with family and friends brings everyone together to make the festive vibe more festive. This is a perfect chance for one to show off their culinary skills and impress everyone at the party.

A good potluck party starts off with a good starter. Bringing starters at a potluck party is a good thing to make meals exciting and refresh the mood before the actual feast begins. 

But what exactly will be good for the party? This is a list of 8 amazing starter ideas for Indian and western-themed cuisine that everyone will love. 

1) Gobi 65

Gobi 65 serves as a spicy kickoff for every meal. It is a versatile vegetarian snack that can go well with both Indian and Western-themed cuisine. Not only does it look like an appealing appetiser that decorates the dinner table, but it also pairs too well with the main course and creates a wholesome meal experience.

2) Baby Corn 65

Baby corn is for people of all ages, and it serves well as a vegetarian appetiser for any cuisine. Sweet, tender baby corn covered in spices when fried until crispy results in gorgeous and mouth-watering baby corn 65 that will surely uplift the spirit of the entire potluck party.

3) Hara Bhara Kebab

These days, hara bhara kebabs are becoming a hype for every festive dinner party in India and several countries around the world. Packed with nutrients and delicious crunch, hara bhara kebabs are best for potluck parties and will delight every guest. Looking like green jewels, stranded on a deserted table, waiting for someone to be claimed and savoured, these delightful kebabs are named hara bhara because of the generous use of spinach and green peas, which gives the dish its characteristic look. 

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4) Garlic Confit

Garlic is one ingredient people can't miss to add to winter cuisines. The warmth and subtle hints of iconic garlic flavour, when caramelised in flavoured oil, give out a sweet and savoury buttery confit that goes well with anything. Eat it with sourdough bread, add it to tomato soup, or mash it to create a dip. Its creaminess and juiciness will surely melt everyone's heart and make the meal memorable. 

5) Devilled Eggs 

A delicious starter with convenient preparation and easy access to all ingredients, devilled eggs are a perfect starter option for last-minute preparation. Being a versatile starter, devilled eggs can be combined with the ingredients of choice and will serve as a warming starter for the party. 

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6) Canape

Canapes are bite-sized finger foods that are the best appetisers for any family party. The versatility of the dish allows for it to be prepared with any ingredient and gives options for veg and non-veg variations. Not only do they serve as a savoury snack, but they also uplift the entire presentation at the dinner table. Canapes are the best hors d'oeuvre, inviting guests to prepare their special bite of joy by pairing the bread with any dip or spread.

7) Party Pinwheels

Pinwheel samosas, pinwheel pizza, pinwheel sandwiches, and whatnot. Countless dishes can be converted into a pinwheel snack that is best for every occasion. Pinwheel snacks serve as the best starter and pair well with any cuisine. The pinwheel variations that one can create for potluck parties will definitely be a surprising twist to the party and energise the whole festive spirit.

Whether a seasoned potluck enthusiast or a newcomer to this delightful tradition, one should consider bringing these starters to potluck parties and experience the magic of a communal meal. Try out one of these amazing potluck starter ideas today and stay posted with such interesting ideas daily.