Christmas 2023: 7 Ingredients To Make Fragrant Edible Candles
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The festive season embodies a spirit of togetherness and the celebration of the divine presence of guardian angels and God among us. Festivals are a way for us to celebrate the victory of good over evil, light over dark. Christmas is a festival that commemorates the auspicious birth of Jesus Christ.

It is a time of joy, love, and giving when we come together to cherish traditions, exchange gifts, and create lasting memories with our loved ones. This is a season filled with magical moments and the spirit of generosity, as we embrace the beauty of lights, decorations, and the joy of sharing.

To celebrate the spirit festival wholeheartedly, one must indulge in the most amazing things that make everything unique and special. Scented edible candles are a way to do so. They are great for celebrating festive dinners because they create a cosy vibe, make the whole place smell amazing and make your dinner experience much more unique and memorable.

They can help you relax and feel good, and they are made from butter that you can use to flavour your dishes. Plus, they look really nice and add a cool touch to your decorations. So, they're just perfect for setting the mood and making your celebration even more special!

Today, we'll share seven different ingredients that include fruits, flowers, and spices that you can use to make scented edible candles at home. Crafting your own scents with these ingredients incorporates fragrance naturally and provides the freedom to choose the flavours and fragrances that suit your preferences, particularly if you have any allergies.

We'll start with the basic steps, equipment, and safety measures for edible candle-making, then discuss the fragrances used.


Unsalted butter (room temperature)
Wick (edible and food-safe)
Flowers, fruit, fruit extracts, or spices (optional, for flavour)
Small mould or container (silicone moulds work well)


1) Insert the wick into the centre of the mould.
2) Mix fruits, flowers, or spices into softened butter (optional).
3) Fill the mould with butter, leaving space for the wick.
4) Chill in the refrigerator until solid.
5) Trim the wick.
6) Remove from the mould and serve with bread, roasts, steaks, chips, or crackers.

Now that we’ve gone through the basic process of candle making, let's jump to the ingredients that can be used for fragrance.

1) Dried Roses-Scented Candles
Dried roses have an enchanting fragrance that leaves a soothing aroma of freshness. Roses evoke a sense of romance and passion and are associated with feelings of  joy, happiness, hope, and love. Along with providing a pleasing scent, the rose petals also enhance the look of the candle. Simply add some rose petals to the melted butter to enjoy its delightful fragrance and indulge in its floral taste. It is best served with dishes from Mughlai cuisine, like kebabs, Mughlai chicken gravy, or biryani.

2) Citrus-Flavoured Candles
Citrus-flavoured butter candles are appealing for many reasons. Including this at your festive dinner party will add a unique and vibrant twist to your meal. Adding some orange or lemon drops and grated rind to your butter candle gives it a citrusy aroma and taste, and it goes well with pies, waffles, brownies, and all kinds of breads. Also, if you like seafood, then this butter candle flavour should be your first choice!

3) Coconut-Flavoured Candles
Coconut flavoured candles offer a tropical taste to every dish. Coconut has a naturally sweet and nutty aroma that can be comforting and inviting. The fragrance is subtle yet distinct, and it uses coconut butter to make this candle. When choosing or making coconut-flavoured candles, consider using natural coconut extracts or oils to achieve an authentic and appealing scent. You can pair this with your dishes to give them a tropical and earthy flavour. You can easily slide the melting butter atop Kerala chicken roast or parotta as well to relish the fragrant flavours.

4) Cinnamon-Sugar Butter Candles
Cinnamon is a scent associated with a festive vibe. Cinnamon-sugar candles, likewise, emit a warm and inviting aroma, which enhances the sense of cosiness and comfort. Cinnamon candles are often associated with the holiday season and are frequently used to add a festive touch to homes and gatherings. The rich and spicy fragrance of cinnamon can evoke memories of holiday traditions and gatherings. It is best served as a dipping sauce for a brioche bun.

5) Vanilla-Flavoured Candles
Vanilla candles have stress relieving capabilities. Not only does it provide an inviting aroma, but it also has a unique flavour that matches every dessert. Vanilla is a versatile fragrance that pairs well with many other scents. It can complement a wide range of desserts, like bread and butter pudding, or accompany the classic French toast. It can lighten up the settings, from cosy evenings at home to special occasions.

6) Coffee Flavoured Candles
Coffee is known for neutralising every fragrance, but it itself has a very unforgettable aroma that adds to the festive vibe. It pairs well with a variety of foods and desserts and offers a sensory experience that evokes a sense of comfort. Coffee butter candles paired with chocolate cakes and various chocolate-based desserts give them delicious coffee undertones. Use it in the preparation of cakes, cookies, brownies, or as a topping for pancakes and waffles.

7) Anise-Flavoured Candles
The ethereal and enchanting fragrance of anise, characterised by its sweet undertones, is a must-have candle fragrance for Christmas. Apart from having a distinctive fragrance, these candles can create a calming atmosphere, contributing to relaxation and stress reduction. Letting the butter candle melt away on claypot rice can be the best way to enjoy the fragrance and flavour of this robust spice. The scent of anise is associated with digestive comfort. Whether enjoyed during festive occasions or for everyday relaxation, the versatility of anise makes it a pleasant option for festive vibes.

In a similar way, you can experiment with your own fragrances for making scented candles at home. With a little precaution, you can fill your home with graceful aromas.