Christmas 2023: 6 Unique Regional Desserts To Try This Season
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The back-counting for Christmas Eve has started. This is probably the best time of the year when everything is lit up and embellished with gorgeous decorations. It is also the time for eating the most mouthwatering desserts. Most of us have tried different varieties of cookies, muffins and cakes during Christmas. This is what also comes to our mind when we think of a conventional Christmas dessert. But there are so many lesser-known regional desserts in India that are cooked during Christmas. These desserts are a part of the special Christmas celebrations in different parts of the country. Let's have a look at some interesting regional Christmas desserts from India that can be a part of your Christmas party menu this year. 

* Kulkuls

Kulkuls are also known as sweet curls. These are a very important part of the Christmas celebration in Goa and Mangalore. This is inspired by the Portuguese dish, filhoses enroladas. The making of these sweet Christmas dessert is very tough and it requires hours of manual labour to get the perfect shape. These are then fried and sugar-coated. In a lot of traditional Christian households, making Kulkuls with the whole family is a part of pre-Christmas celebrations. It is a way of bringing the whole family together and doing an activity in solidarity. 

* Goan Neureos

Goan Neureos are very similar to a traditional gujiya. There might be slight variation in the taste of both these things because of the different proportions of ingredients that are used. In Goa, people make this dessert by filling crunchy pastry shells with a delicious mixture of coconut and khoya along with dried fruits and nuts. This is deep-fried in oil and covered with sugar syrup. It is very crunchy from the outside and has mouth-melting stuffing inside.

* Coconut Fudge

This is another classic Christmas dessert that is made in Goa and nearby areas. This is very similar to coconut barfi and is prepared by mixing some finely chopped coconut, cardamon and Khoya. You can top it off with some dry fruits and also add cardamom for extra flavour. This is very soft and fudgy. Also because of the coconut it is zesty and refreshing. If you do not want to make Christmas brownies this season, then you can replace them with some coconut fudge.

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* Marzipan Shapes

This is originally made from a paste that is made of almonds, eggs, sugar, and some other flavouring condiments. It is a traditional Christmas dessert among many families and it also lets you include your creative ideas in the recipe. You can make it in different shapes and sizes. Also, try to cover it with some food dye to give it a more realistic touch. If you are making some fruits out of the mixture, you can also use some edible leaves and give texture with your spoon or fork for a better visual effect.

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* Guava Cheese

This is the special Christmas recipe that has been passed on from generation to generation in Indian families and made extensively during the Christmas season. Guava cheese is made out of fresh guavas. It is very choosy and fudgy. The best guava  cheese is made out of ripe and sweet go hours. So you must handpick and taste your guavas before extracting cheese out of them. You can serve it with the block of cottage cheese or some Greek yoghurt to balance the taste. 

* Bebnica Layered Dessert

This layered dessert is also from Goa and it is a pudding that is made from ghee, eggs, sugar, coconut and flour. The traditional way of making this layered dessert is to put 16 layers in it. But if you do not have the time then you can also make it with lesser layers. This is a time-consuming recipe so be prepared to be in the kitchen for a handful of hours to make this recipe. You can add some flavouring ingredients of your choice to give it the desirable flavours.

* Chocolate Walnut Fudge

Chocolate walnut fudge on Christmas is a tradition not just limited to India but throughout the world. It is a must for people who like chocolates and nuts. This is an easy and simple recipe that anyone can easily prepare at home without much hassle. You can decorate your chocolate walnut fudge with lots of walnuts and other nuts of your choice on the top.

These are some exciting Christmas dessert recipes that you can try making at home. All of these desserts have been made in India for many years. These recipes have evolved with time and you will surely like not just eating these desserts but also the process of making them at home.