Chocolate To Peppermint: 6 Varieties Of Mint For Your Cocktails
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Every fruit, vegetable, and herb in the world has exactly one variation if the majority of cocktail recipes are to be believed. That would make ingredient buying simpler but you should presumably be thankful that's not the case. Everyone should know what's truly available so they can start experimenting. The range of plant cultivars accessible today is one of the biggest—yet maybe most underappreciated—contributors to creativity and invention in the field of cocktails.

From the mojito to the mint julep, mint is the foundation of many famous cocktails, and it can be used to enhance hundreds more in between. It's a mainstay of the mixologist's toolkit, and learning about the many kinds can help you make better decisions about which one to use when and how it might enhance your cocktail.


The standard ingredient in cocktails, spearmint enhances and balances the flavours of alcohol by adding a bright, mild sweetness to them. Mojito Mint and Kentucky Colonel are remarkable cultivars with specialised cocktail uses. It's the standard for a reason: the bright, light sweetness may even balance out too-sugary recipes while simultaneously mellowing and elevating a spirit.


A traditional mint variation, peppermint is a hybrid between green mint and brook mint and is often seen in gardens and on balconies. It's regarded for its strong menthol concentration and peppery-spicy fragrance. This hardy perennial is low-maintenance and easy to grow. The best option for mint drinks that use stronger-flavoured alcohol is peppermint.

Chocolate Mint

This wonderfully perfumed plant is well-known to most people, and it's one of the most beloved mints.  Given that it is related to spearmint, don't be shocked if all you learn from it is its initial sniff. You can certainly detect the chocolate notes after taking a second sniff and giving it some time to grow on you.

A few chocolate mint leaves should be roughly chopped, and some frozen leaves should float on top as a garnish.  You and your guests will enjoy biting into the frozen mint leaves, and that cocktail will get a lot of positive remarks.

Apple Mint

Apple mint, also known as woolly mint, has a faint hint of green apples and has a pleasant scent and taste. It's preferable to keep the leaves raw. In summertime drinks like effervescent pomegranate lemonade, mint lime ginger splash, and your favourite cocktails, muddled or softly crushed leaves make a delightful combination.

Orange Mint

Orange mint works well in a variety of dishes. Its zesty undertones complement the lime in mojitos, and it may be mixed with a plethora of other drinks to create light and energising versions. You can even try drying the leaves and using them to make your own infusion drinks. Orange Whisky Smashes and Orange Mint Margaritas are very delicious. This cultivar is highly adaptable and ideal for experimentation.

Pineapple Mint

With a hint of spearmint that lingers, the flavour profile is akin to a tangy pineapple. This is fantastic for giving a little flare to your frozen or blended cocktails and providing a good touch to bloody Marys. Your guests, family, and friends will be rubbing their eyes in confusion as they try to figure out what exactly is in their bloody mary to make it taste so delicious and fresh. To get the most flavour out of your mind, just remember to muddle it with your preferred vodka and add ice before adding it to your Bloody Mary foundation.