Chips To Gol Gappe: Try These Beetroot Recipes With Your Loved Ones
Image Credit: Beetroot Recipes

Just think about beetroot and tell us what all can you imagine? A beetroot slaw? Oh! That’s wholesome but not so friendly to our taste buds. But certainly, some twists can make the simple beet turn into a delicious delight. Yeah, you read it right! Here are four easy recipes to transform your beetroot into a crunchy bite or a refreshing hot drink! 

Beetroot Gol Gappas 

Is it just another healthy recipe? No. Don’t let the beetroot gol gappas trick you. Instead, you can have this exciting food at a Delhi-based vegetarian Swad Desh Videsh Ka. These gol gappas are by Gaurav Wasan, who runs Swad, and says that this recipe is tangy in taste and has a memorable combo of imli chutney, a mixture of twenty-one masalas, and crushed bhalla stuffings with a mysterious formula that gives a lingering flavour on your lips, asking for more.

Healthy Beetroot Latte 

Here is an unusual but unique beetroot latte recipe that you can easily make at home. First, boil a beetroot, blend it with ground cinnamon, half tsp vanilla extract, one and a half cups of honey and milk, and ¼ inch ginger (according to flavour). The pink beetroot latte looks so delicious, and the nutrition of all the ingredients makes you crave it every day. 

Baked Beet Chips With Olive Oil

What’s crispy, red, delicious, and so fresh that you desire to have it repeatedly? Baked beet chips! Just slice a few beets chippy thin, add a squeeze of pepper, salt, your preferred herb, moisten them with olive oil and cook them for 16-17 minutes in a pre-heated oven. Keep tossing them as they turn brown and crispy.

Beetroot, Goats' Cheese, Walnut And Rocket Salad  

This is one of the healthy recipes that has become everyone's favourite. You can make this beet rocket salad at home by mixing the rocket leaves (tara mira ke patte) with caramelising walnuts, two tsp olive oil, diced beetroot, half tsp balsamic vinegar, crushed salt, crumbled cottage or goat cheese and black pepper. Do you know this salad is excellent for digestion? 

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