7 Punjabi Chicken Dinner Recipes To Try
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Punjab is proud of its many diverse flavours of chicken curries. As you walk beyond the boundaries of the locality, the curry acquires distinct flavours. They are the perfect dishes for dinner. Any dish gains profundity and interest from a striking base. Each dish boasts a different variation of the chicken curry recipe and is robust, smooth, marvellously rich, velvety, and tangy. Here are the best 7 chicken curries from Punjab to satisfy your appetite, because it can be difficult to choose from such a broad variety of curries.

Punjabi Chicken Masala:

With yoghurt, tomatoes, onions, and other ingredients, Punjabi chicken masala is a flavorful chicken meal. This chicken curry has an exceptional flavour as a result of the numerous whole spices utilised. The curry's liquid base and spices pair well with roti or paratha.

Amritsari Tandoori Chicken:

You must try the Amritsari Tandoori Chicken. This incredible grilled chicken is a great fusion of taste and health because it is done on a grill, so there is simply not enough oil needed! It is made with chicken pieces and tossed in a mixture of thick, sour curd, butter, mustard oil, and a melange of spices, including red chilli powder and cinnamon. Punjabi cuisine is renowned for its mouthwatering chicken dishes, which will not only elevate your culinary expertise to a whole new level but will also satisfy your soul with its delicious flavour.

Chicken Chole/Murgh Chole:

This well-known chicken chole curry is for you if your typical chicken curry is getting old. It is brimming with flavorful spices, a smooth tomato sauce, and tender chicken. With naan, parathas, or rice, this chana masala chicken curry tastes great. flavorful, nutritious, and delectable. Every bite of the chickpeas has a subtle flavour from soaking up the masala gravy's rich essence. A recipe you should add to your cookbook

Amritsari Murgh Makhani:

Amritsar murgh makhani is a delicious dish that is perfect for a Sunday dinner. A tangy tomato puree is added to the well-roasted, ground onion masala in the sauce to provide some balance.

The gravy will have a rich and delectable texture as a result. The chicken pieces are then simmered in this sauce until every flavour has been infused. Serve the dish for an Indian lunch or dinner or as the main course of a party along with Pudina Paratha, Matar Ki Tehri, and Mooli Raita.

Bhatti Da Murgh:

In this blistering, flavourful recipe, whole chicken legs are marinated in yoghurt, ginger-garlic paste, and ground spices before being covered in cracked whole spices and roasted. The whole spices lend pungency and a delightful crunch, while the ground spices give the meat flavour.

To maintain the dish's authenticity, it is recommended to prepare it in a tandoor, though you may also roast it in your oven or cook it on the grill over indirect heat while using a baking sheet. In either instance, the secret to the rich flavour and burnished crispness of the sizzling chicken skin is to generously cover it with melted butter.

Chicken Saagwala:

Tonight, let's devour this insanely scrumptious Saag Wala Chicken or Palak Chicken. This creamy, flavourful, and nutrient-rich dish is sure to become your family's new favourite thanks to the fantastic melody of spinach, chicken, and aromatic spices.

All leafy green recipes made with either spinach leaves, fenugreek leaves, mustard leaves, or collard leaves are referred to as "saag" in Punjabi. Additionally, saag wala chicken, also known as palak chicken or spinach chicken, is a traditional Indian dish cooked with fresh spinach leaves.

Chicken Hariyali:

Chicken hariyali is a delectable Indian chicken dish cooked with a green chutney paste that is added to the chicken curry. This meal, which is often referred to as a green chicken curry, is incredibly fragrant and loaded with heat-inducing spices. Making a green paste with coriander and mint is required for this dish.

This Indian chicken curry is a variation of the classic chicken curry, but it will certainly sate your appetite. Serve with a side of chapattis or jeera rice and some homemade mint raita for a cool contrast.