Chennai’s 20-Year Old Potato Has Left The Internet Gobsmacked
Image Credit: Source: Pixabay

The internet is full of surprises. From interesting memes to make us laugh to intriguing hacks, the internet has become a part of our life now. The recent addition to our lives is Instagram reels. And as foodies, we know your Instagram explore page is always a treat to keep an eye on food trends and food reels. These reels have become ubiquitous in our daily lives and have let us explore the delicacies of different regions across the world. One such reel showing Chennai’s 20-year old potato is making rounds on the internet and has left the netizens shocked.

In the video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger @foodtastingmission, one can see a Chennai-based street vendor selling thinly sliced potatoes. The giant potato is believed to take around 20 years to grow completely. The vendor first slices off a thin slice, brushes it with some lemon juice followed by Nattu Sakkarai as topping before serving. Ever since the video was uploaded it has gathered 1.5 million views, 100k likes and hundreds of comments.

The comments section is full of netizens guessing the name of the potato. A user has commented- “It grows in karanataka in baba budengiri hills and its cost is 25000per kg” while another has said- “In my bundelkhand, we called it 'kandmool'”. Another netizen has expressed his concern that “Most of the people are allergic to this and may have infection on the tongue.. so please be careful🙌”. However, many other viewers have commented that the potato tastes sweet and is a delight to savour. Most comments are filled with heart eyes emojis from netizens who highly recommend this street delicacy. 

Intrigued enough to try this? Head to the roadside stall at Aavin junction entrance, Arcot Road, Valasaravakkam, Chennai.