Chef’s Bid To Set New Record By Cooking 5000 kg ‘Mix Veg Bhaji’

There is no dearth of interesting, unique world records, but the ones involving food have our heart. In Nagpur, chef Vishnu Manohar - along with 1,200 students of The Blind Relief Association Of Nagpur (TBRAN) Mundle High School - attempted to cook 5,000 kg of mixed veg to enter the Limca Book of Records. According to his Instagram handle, Chef Vishnu already holds as many as 11 very interesting records like the Limca Record for the ‘longest paratha’, measuring 5 feet long and 5 feet wide, and weighing 35 kg.

For his mixed veg preparation, he coined the term ‘Samarasata Bhaji’ (or ‘harmony vegetable dish’). For the same, he supposedly arranged for nearly 300 kg onion, 66 kg garlic, 66 kg ginger, 1,100 kg cauliflower, 300 kg carrot, 661 kg tomato, and 330 kg green peas.  

Chef Vishnu Manohar

The cooking of the vegetable dish supposedly started on December 24 midnight, and continued until morning. After the dish was prepared, it was served hot to students, staff and visitors, some of whom were asked to get their own dabba from their respective homes. The students of TBRAN started the activity that not only gave them the chance to enter the Book of Records, but also understand the importance of healthy food habits. 

Only organic spices and fresh vegetables were used in the mega preparation. Through the dish, the makers and organisers also send a message of unity and harmony to all those watching. Free parcels of the Samarasata Bhaji were also distributed to children and residents of major orphanages of Nagpur. It is yet to know if chef Vishnu and the kids made the record, but the initiative definitely made the right noise.