Chef Vikram's Bhareey Aloo Ka Korma Is A Vegetarian’s Delight
Image Credit: Bhareey Aloo ka korma/Art Of Dum

If you thought that the humble potato can only be used for making simple sabzis, you’re mistaken. The potato is so versatile that it can fit into any shape and form. While many dry sabzis like gobhi, matar, brinjal etc. couple up with diced aloo to make a yummy dish, the same aloo can be a standalone curry too. How, you ask? 

This bhareey aloo ka korma is the answer to your question. For the unversed, korma is a mild curry that is usually made with yoghurt, nuts and spices and filled with braised meats and vegetables too. However, this stuffed potato korma is something different. The potatoes are hollowed out and the scooped out potatoes are fried along with paneer. These are then tossed in a host of spices and the mixture is stuffed back into the hollowed out potatoes. Dunked in a yoghurt gravy, the bhareey aloo ka korma can be paired with rice and roti. 

Chef Vikram Simha Akula, Executive Chef, Art Of Dum, shares a heavenly recipe of the stuffed potato korma that you can try at home. 


For stuffing 

    30 gms fried paneer 

    6 gms chopped ginger 

    1 chopped green chlli 

    5 gms chopped coriander 

    Salt to taste 

    5 gms yellow chlli powder 

    4 gms turmeric powder 

    2 gms garam masala powder  

    5 gms kishmish 

    20 gms fried cashewnut 

    10 gms fresh anardana 

    100 ml refined oil ( for frying potatoes) 

For gravy

    225 gms yellow gravy 

    brown onion paste 30 gms 

    10 gms khus khus paste 

    8 gms coriander powder 

    6 gms red chlli powder  

    2 gms turmeric powder 

    Salt to taste 

    2 gms javitri elaichi powder  

    3 gms garam masala powder  

Source: Bhareey Aloo Ka Korma/Art Of Dum

    Peel and wash the potatoes.

    Turn it into barrel shape and scoop out to make a round cavity.

    Fry paneer and pieces of potatoes separately to a light golden colour.

    Mash the fried paneer and potato pieces and add finely chopped ginger, green chili and coriander.

    Season with salt and masala. 

    Add fried cashew nut, raisin and pomegranate pearls to the mixture.

    Pack the mixture into fried barrel-shaped potatoes.

For gravy 

    Heat oil in a cooking pot and sauté whole spices and ginger-garlic paste.

    Add tomato puree, brown onion paste and mixture of cashewnut and khuskhus paste and cook.

    Add salt, ground spices and water for gravy. 

    To serve, roast the potatoes in tandoor. Remove and cut each potato length wise. Place in serving bowl. 

    Heat the gravy and pour it over potatoes.

    Garnish with fried cashew nut and chopped coriander.