Chef Vikas Khanna Makes Cake Mid-Air For Retiring Crew Member

The fact that food connects and unites people of all backgrounds is well known—and so is the idea that chefs like Vikas Khanna are known for their big hearts and philanthropy all over the world. Through a series of recent posts on X, previously known as Twitter, Chef Vikas Khanna’s generosity of spirit and ability for selfless love presented through food became even more evident. Here’s everything that happened.  

Chef Vikas Khanna was on an Air India flight when he learned that Rony, a member of the cabin crew, was retiring from service after 35 years of hard work. Immediately, the Michelin-starred chef decided to head to the flight’s service area and went on to transform a dry cake into a culinary masterpiece worthy of such a celebration. A video of Chef Vikas Khanna preparing this celebratory cake like a pro was then posted on X, previously known as Twitter, and the Internet approved! 

In the short video, Chef Vikas Khanna can be seen meticulously slicing berries like strawberry, blueberry and blackberry to decorate a dry brownie cake available onboard. “I have never done this before,” Chef Vikas Khanna can be heard saying in the video while deftly handling the fresh fruits and berries to decorate the cake with. The chef also used some whipped cream to top the dry cake. The finished product looks nothing short of delicious. 

“An emotional moment to re-create a cake 35,000 ft in the air for a retiring crew member Rony, who served Air India for 35 years,” Chef Vikas Khanna wrote on his post. “Loved it & all the best.” In a photo shared by the chef, the final look of the cake whipped up by him is clearly visible. Surrounded by happy crew members, including Rony, the retiring Air Indian crew member, shows just how impressed everyone was by Chef Vikas Khanna’s beautiful gesture. 

The video which is doing the rounds on the Internet was posted by another member of the Air India team. “Heart warming gesture of love by #Michelin #Masterchef @TheVikasKhanna on board @airindia to redo a special cake for a retiring Crew member,” said Sanjay Lazar, the General Secretary of the All India Cabin Crew Association. “Chef Vikas is a Dariya dil,who fed 40 mill during Covid, but this was special.”