Chef Ranveer Brar Gets Creative With Masala Pav; Recipe Inside
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Chef Ranveer Brar is a very popular name in the culinary domain of India. Having judged and hosted multiple cooking shows, he is a trailblazer in his field and keeps on sharing wonderful recipes from different parts of the country with the people. His Instagram account is a reflection of his vast culinary knowledge and one can see a plethora of recipes shared by him that can be easily executed at home. 

In one of his latest Instagram reels, he shared the recipe of cheese masala pav that can be easily made at home by using a handful of ingredients. Let's break down the recipe and see how you can also make the same dish at home with the utmost ease and precision.

Here is the list of ingredients one will need to make cheese masala pav at home.

* Pav Bhaji masala

* Coriander seeds

* Cumin seeds

* Cinnamon sticks

* 5 Cloves

*  ¼ tsp Asafoetida 

* 20 gms Dry red chilli

* Dry red chilli

* 5 gms Salt

* Black cardamom

* 7 gms Fennel seeds

* 5 gms Cinnamon stick

* 5 gms Bay leaf

* 3 gms Dry ginger powder

* 3 gms Dry mango powder

* 2.5 gms Turmeric powder

* Cheese

* Paav pieces

* Some coriander

These are all the ingredients that you will need to make the ‘Ranveer Brar Style’ cheese masala pav at home.

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Recipe For Bhaji

* Now to make cheese masala pav Ranveer takes a pan and  some coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds and cinnamon sticks. Also, he takes some dry red chillies and roasts them on medium flame until a strong aroma starts coming out of the mixture.

* The next step is to add some ginger powder, dry, mango powder, and turmeric powder. In the video, he is seen simultaneously chopping some tomatoes and onions and tossing some butter in a pan. Now into the butter, Ranveer adds the chopped onions and tomatoes and sautés them well. Now in this mixture, he also adds some ginger garlic paste along with finely chopped capsicum and green chillies.

* After that, some red chilli powder is also added to the vegetable and butter mixture followed by adding salt as per the test. In the reel, Ranveer is seen adding some boiled and mashed potatoes to the mixture of the vegetable base. The Bhaji for the cheese masala pav is now ready. Now the next step is to prepare the masala pow.

Masala Paav

* To make the masala pav, Ranveer puts some butter in a pan and cuts it into small cubicle pieces. He then cuts the block of onions and capsicum in the melted butter on the pan and lets the vegetable fry perfectly. Now the cut pieces of pav are added to the pan and mixed with some spices and even more butter.

* The final step is to add some cheese on top of the pav and cover the lid of the pan to let the cheese melt. The cheese masala pav is all ready. This can be served with the fresh Bhaji and is the most tempting snack ever. Top everything with some fresh coriander leaves.

This is a very easy and hassle-free recipe that can be made instantly.