Chef Kush Koli Plates Some Exotic Flavours In The Summer New Menu At This Experiential Dining Place
Image Credit: Murgh Musallam Tacos - SAGA

Saga, the exclusive, experiential fun-dining restaurant that lets you relish on scrumptious delicacies like never before sees a much exciting summer menu. this fine dine place that boast of one of the tallest bars in the world is a place where food meets art to give you that perfect experience. It’s not just a new menu that the place sees but also a new head chef Kush Koli who sees a very illustrated career as  he brings extraordinary culinary acumen to SAGA. 

The new dishes have been crafted under his supervision and sees the influence of local community an what they enjoy and what is organically grown. Kush Koli under the careful inspection of two-time Michelin star chef Atul Kochhar has prepared plates to savour some new palate pleasers for your experience. From Chef Atul’s signature dish Chicken Tikka Pie, Nadru Ki chaat, Mutton Shapta, Kundan Qalia, Butter Chicken Ball, Murgh Mussallam Tacos , Chocolate Delice and more the menu sees all of them.

Chef Atul Kochhar’s Chicken Tikka Pie is a worth a mention as it’s nothing less than a gourmet blend of two cultures, and this delicacy is a new addition to the menu and sees some unexpected flavours. While the Murgh Musallam Tacos sees a fusing the most loved flavours of two cultures, and rich and indulgent flavours. Not to miss each dish has been carefully plated with much panache and style and presented beautifully. Even the Kade masala ki boti or the Kundan qaliya where the a whole Cauliflower floret has been delicately cooked in rich flavours giving it a smooth texture to the dish


Crafted to offer the best selections, the menu even sees the age-old Butter Chicken getting a facelift with a delicious gourmet rendition- Butter Chicken Ball! New Delicacies packs a delectable tapas and mains with a choice of desserts, which includes options like 

This 200-seater modern diner, SAGA brings the new menu where each dish explains the history of its evolution and at Saga, Chefs with their creative skills have curated the dish with a modern touch along with handcrafted cocktails

Here’s the recipe of Nadru Ki Chat by Chef Kush Koli    



    125 gms Lotus Stem            

    30 gms Tempura Flour        

    4 gms Salt                

    30 gms Refined Oil            

    30 gms Apple & Apricot Sauce    

    65 gms Saffron Curd            

    45 gms Mint Sauce            

    5 gms Lemon Juice            

    20 gms Onion                

    20 gms Tomato            

    10 gms Pomegranate            

    3 gms Coriander Leaves        

    1 gms Chaat Masala    

    1 gm Yellow Chilli Powder

    1 gm Black Salt        

    1 gm Purple Potato Dust    

    1 gm Chaat Masala            

    1 gm Micro Green            


    Stew red apple & apricot in apple juice in ratio of 20:16:100


    Mix saffron and sweet hung curd as per taste.


    Coriander, mint & green chili paste mixed together with powder spices.


    Wash & peel off the lotus stem, cut it diagonally and soak in salted water.

    Dust tempura over it & deep fry.

    Place fried nadru on the bottom and dis-integrate the above sauces on the top one by one.

    Sprinkle chaat masala and lemon juice.

    Garnish with chop onions, tomatoes and micro green.