Chef Kunal Kapur’s Handy Tips To Buy, Select And Store Potatoes

It is one thing to cook, and another ball game altogether to go to the market and pick the best quality veggies and bring it home. It is an overwhelming task for sure, you would find many pros in the market who know how to check the quality of potato by merely looking at it, and some who just blindly trust the vegetable vendor and take back whatever he packs. It doesn’t matter where you find yourself in the spectrum, as long as you get the finest potatoes at the end of the day, right? Potatoes are such an indispensable part of Indian cooking, that you just cannot afford to go wrong with them. Which is why, we found chef Kunal Kapur’s latest tutorial on potatoes so handy. The celebrity chef took to Instagram to share some handy tips on how to buy the right potatoes, and storage techniques. Here are some steal-worthy tips that are sure to be very helpful.  

Make sure the potatoes you are buying are firm and tight. If they are soft and mushy then absolutely avoid.

Also, look for the sprouting. Potatoes have many buds, and if those buds have start sprouting, then it is bets to avoid those potatoes.

Potatoes should have a perfect brown skin. If they have a greenish tinge, then they have been overexposed to light, making them dangerous to consume. Therefore, avoid potatoes that are even slightly green  

Now coming to the storage of potatoes. It is a common mistake to bring back potatoes in a plastic bag and keep then wrapped inside the bag. It will lead to moisture formation and your potatoes would go back soon. Remove the plastic and keep them in container or a basket.  

Do not wash your potatoes until you have to use them. Take a minute decide upon the approximate number of potatoes you want to use and wash only those. If you wash the potatoes that you do not intend to use, they are at more risk of going bad due to excessive moisture.  

Aren’t these tips and tricks sounding super useful? Why don’t you try them soon and let us know how you found them. For more kitchen tips, trick and trivia, keep following Slurrp.