'Chef' Diljit Dosanjh Makes A Comeback With This 'Egg-Cellent Dish', Recipe Inside
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, We missed Diljit Dosanjh's cooking so much.

The heartthrob of Punjabi music industry who has taken the country by storm with his groovy music and peppy tunes, Diljit Dosanjh has shone like a bright star in Bollywood too. The singer-turned-actor has given us plenty of hit party songs that are enjoyed by people to this day and his fun-filled movies are a treat to watch. The Punjabi singer made his Bollywood debut with Udta Punjab and received a lot of praise for his acting skills. Not only that, he has also been well-known in the past two years for his foodie instincts. 

During the lockdown, a lot of us donned the chef hat and created some masterpieces in the kitchen. Some of us followed the trends on social media while some others became a trend themselves. Diljit Dosanjh was one of them. In the beginning of the pandemic, when we were stuck at home and nowhere to go, Diljit was busy cooking something tasty in his kitchen. The Phillauri actor engulfed us in his cooking videos on his Instagram stories and his commentary was outright hilarious. 

Since things got better, he went off on his tours and we missed his fun sessions. However, just recently, we spotted him back in the kitchen and our happiness knew no bounds because we knew something yummy was cooking. In a series of videos, he adds oil to a pan and then adds some roughly chopped tomatoes and onions. He let’s all of it cook while we wonder what would be the end dish. Finally, in the last video we see a pan full of a gravy-like dish and assuming, it had tomatoes and onions, it seemed to us like a Shakshouka. He ended the video with his favourite line, “Look at this beauty” and captioned with his signature, “I need my spoon right now”. 

Here’s what we are talking about. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Diljit Dosanjh

Cover the lid and let the dish cook on low flame. Once it is ready, serve hot with a side of naan or any kind of bread you like. You can also pair it with dips like hummus if you want. Want to try it? Here’s the full recipe for you.