Chef Deepu Joseph Shares Some Exclusive Onam Recipes
Image Credit: Avial Dish/ Conrad Bengaluru

Celebrate Kerala’s rich heritage and culture at Caraway Kitchen with scrumptious delicacies curated by the chefs of Conrad Bengaluru. The experiential thali has a variety to offer, leaving you with a plethora of flavours which are authentic, delicious and truly mouth-watering.

 The Onam Sadhya prepared includes an array of traditional dishes such as Avial – vegetables cooked with coarsely ground coconut and yoghurt, Erussery – pumpkins and red beans cooked with coconut, Carrot and Cabbage Thoran – cooked dry with ground coconut and much more. Ending on a sweet note with a relishing yet traditional favorite, Ada Pradhaman – made with flattened rice, jaggery and coconut milk custard. Served alongside a few refreshing beverages such as Kulukki Sherbeth made of unripen lime and basil seeds and Sharjah Shake - prepared using milk, bananas, horlicks or boost with roasted cashew and vanilla ice cream!

Here's three exclusive recipes by Chef Deepu Joseph, Sous chef , Conrad Bengaluru



    50 gm raw banana                          

    50 gm drumsticks                             

    50 gm ash gourd                             

    50 gm yam                                       

    50 gm red pumpkin                        

    50 gm french beans                         

    400 ml yoghurt                                   

    Salt to taste

For Paste:

    200 gm coconut grated                      

    25 gm green chilly                        

    10 gm cumin seeds                       

    50 ml coconut oil                                 

    5 gm curry leaves                                   

    100 ml coconut oil                                  


    Add sufficient water and grind the coconut chilies and cumin seeds into a paste

    Add the whipped yogurt to the paste and mix it well

    Cut the vegetable into batons

    Heat water and add the vegetables till they are half cooked

    Add the paste and the curry leaves to it

    Mix and bring it to a boil till the vegetables are completely cooked

    Drizzle with coconut oil and serve hot 



    250 gm yam                                       

    200 gm raw banana                      

    10 gm pepper powder          

    8 gm turmeric powder             

    250 ml curd                                     

    8 gm curry leaves                     

  Salt to taste

For Grinding:

    150 gm grated coconut                 

    8 gm green chili                     

    6 gm cumin seeds                       

    For Tempering

    50 ml coconut oil                           

    8 gm mustard seeds                 

    6 gm red chili                             

    7 gm curry leaves                


    Wash and chop the yam and raw banana into cubes and keep it aside.

    In a pan add the chopped vegetables along with pepper powder and turmeric powder and allow it to cook till the vegetables are soft but not too mushy.

    Meanwhile add the grated coconut, green chili and cumin seeds and grind it nicely. Add curd and again grind it to a smooth paste. 

    Put the smooth ground plate aside. When the vegetables are fully cooked, add salt and chopped curry leaves, add curd and mix well and allow it to boil for 5 minutes. 

    Then add the ground coconut paste and again stir well and when the kalan starts to boil switch off the flame.  

    In a separate pan, add coconut oil, when the oil is hot added mustard seeds and when the mustard seeds start to sputter, add whole red chilles and sauté it or few second, finally add curry leaves and sauté it for another couple of second and then remove the seasoned ingredients and add it to the kalan.  Serve it with rice. 

Ada Pradhaman 


    130 gm rice ada                                             

    150 gm grated jaggery                               

    130 gm thin coconut milk                           

    150 gm thick coconut milk                         

    7 gm cardamom                                       

    15 gm roasted coconut                          

    7 gm cashew                                      

    6 gm raisins                                              

    50 ml ghee                                             

    100 ml milk                                                


    Soak the ada in hot water for thirty minutes 

    After that wash in cold water three times and strain it well.

    Chop coconut slice into small pieces, chop the cashew and roast everything in Ghee, Add to the payasam at the end.

    Take the coconut first milk set aside, again grind the coconut add water and take Second coconut milk, keep aside.

    In a Bowl melt the jaggery and strain the syrup to remove the impurities. 

    Add this syrup to the cooked ada, boil well and add the 2nd milk and boil for few minutes. 

    Roll and boil until it becomes thick and creamy. 

    Lastly add the first milk, lower the flame completely mix well, give one boil in very low flame if needed, Pradhaman should not roll boil after adding first milk, it may curdle, so switch off the stove after adding the first milk.

    Lastly add crushed cardamom powder, roasted coconut pieces, cashews and raisins and add to the payasam and serve hot.