Chef David Myers Brings A Slice Of Japan to Delhi
Image Credit: Chef David Myers/ Pic- JW Marriott

Known as the Gypsy Chef, David Myers’ nomadic life gave him a chance to create and innovate culinary experiences for diners across the globe and his recent destination is India. David has tastefully done the menu at the uber luxurious ADRIFT Kaya –JW Marriott Aerocity in New Delhi. He has launched his own interpretation of a modern Japanese izakaya - ADRIFT Kaya. 

This award-winning chef who loves his indigenous and local flavours and ingredients from his travel had also driven to create an exclusive collection of dining and drinking experiences. David has opened 16 restaurants in 8 cities across 3 continents. In each of his restaurants, David draws upon the flavors and ingredients discovered throughout his travels to create an engaging experience beyond the expected.

At ADRIFT Kaya David has been inspired by the laneways of Tokyo and the ancient culinary craft in Japanese kitchen that has been there for years. He believes that that best quality ingredients that can be found locally, regionally. The menu The menu sees David’s signature Californian influence and seafood and meat makes a prominent presence along with seasonal vegetables. 

In a quick chit chat with HTSlurrp David talks about his inspiration, travels and more. 

What has been your inspiration for this trade?

I grew up with a family that had its own garden where vegetables, fruits and nut trees would grow - so I was always surrounded by great food. My family would regularly gather over food and cooking together was a family ritual.

While studying international business, I discovered that cooking is more than a passion, it is my calling and I decided to pursue the path I am on right now. With restaurants around the globe, I managed to combine international business with what I love: creating restaurants and unforgettable experiences for every guest.

You have travelled a lot, how has that enhanced your culinary skills?

Travel has been my greatest source of inspiration. Immersing myself in a new food culture is always exciting and this is what keeps me constantly engaged to create. 

What has been your primary style of cooking, and how would you say it’s evolved over the years?

The primary style is inspiration from travel. Then come the best possible ingredients cooked in the most simple way with a bit of a Japanese edge.

What trick and brainstorming goes when it comes to designing a new flavor or a menu?

Taste, taste, and once again - taste. It is all about playing around with flavors: either in my head or while creating them.

What has been your primary style of cooking, and how would you say it’s evolved over the years?

Modern and classic European technique, with an affinity for all things Asian and some good old American creativity.

Tell us something about the menu at Adrift Kaya which is all about Japanese flavor.

Adrift Kaya’s menu was inspired by the simplicity and purity of Japanese izakaya cooking and a California heartbeat done with the hand-picked ingredients in an uncomplicated way with that signature Adrift edge.

Over the years what has been your most challenging project and why?

They are all a challenge. We approach each one as its own unique identity and immerse ourselves in the local culture and food to get inspired for what we are doing. The biggest challenge is always to create such an experience that guests are willing to come back to.

What has been your idea of comfort food? What’s your fondest food memory?

Comfort food for me is simply grilling out a nice steak over charcoal with a great bottle of wine and a nice salad.

What’s that dish that you love to cook for your family? Recipe

I love to cook simple pastas for them. That is where my heart is. (Recipe below)

Pasta with Tomatoes, Basil and Garlic

(serves 2)


    120g Linguine cooked as per the packet

    Half a punnet Cherry Tomatoes (Blanched and Peeled, Halved)

    1 ½ tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    1tsp Sea Salt

    1 clove of garlic (Peeled and thinly sliced)

    5 Basil Leaves


    Heat Olive Oil in a saute pan over medium/low heat, add sliced garlic and allow to cook and infuse (Around 1 minute)

    Add Prepared Cherry tomatoes and season, Cook for a further 2 minutes or until Tomatoes have broken down by half

    Toss through Cooked Pasta and gently warm and cook for a further Minute

    Adjust Seasoning if necessary