From Yoghurt To Panna Cotta: Chef Anees Khan Shares Mango Dessert Recipes
Image Credit: Mango Dessert Recipes

For the past 4000 years, mango has been a native to the Indian subcontinent. Do you know that it is also a conventional food for all occasions? Mango is a perfect option for your summer feast, which combines to make various healthy desserts. Summertime is an exceptional season to enjoy this fruit and create desserts packed with taste. Chef Anees Khan recommends two easy and quick mango desserts for the summer season. 

Mango Baked Yogurt   

Mango Baked Yogurt is a delicious and healthy recipe that you can have any time, any day. This baked yoghurt dessert is another version of the famous Bhapa Doi. For Mishti Doi, the curd needs steaming, and here we are baking and placing it in a water-filled pan. But here, baked with cream and flavoured with mango, this baked yoghurt dessert has a creamy texture and fantastic flavour which comes from mango. 

Ingredients for Baked yoghurt:

  1. Hung curd: 200 gms 
  2. Condensed milk: 200 gms 
  3. Whipping cream 34%: 200 gms 
  4. For garnish: Fresh mango dices (100 gms) 


  1. Mix all the ingredients with a blender 
  2. Pour it in a ramekin or any container 
  3. Bake it at 160 deg Celsius, in a double boiler for 15- 20 mins 
  4. With the lid covered. 
  5. Remove it and chill it and garnish it with fresh mango. 

Mango Coconut Panna Cotta (Yield 5 portions)

This Panna Cotta recipe known as mango pudding is a tropical dessert that can never go wrong. It has got a creamy, smooth texture leaving a burst of mango flavour and a mild coconut essence. It has no added readymade flavouring as it is made with coconut cream and natural mango.



  1. Whipping Cream: 600 gms 
  2. Coconut milk powder: 60 gms 
  3. Fresh milk: 60 gms 
  4. Granulated sugar: 60 gms 
  5. Vanilla extract:4 gms 
  6. Malibu optional: 60 ml 
  7. Fresh tender coconut: 100 gms 
  8. Gelatin: 5 gms 
  9. Milk: 25 gms


  1. Boil the cream and add the coconut milk powder and mix it in warm fresh milk. 
  2. Pour the vanilla extract into the mixture of milk with coconut powder and whipping cream. 
  3. Soak the gelatin with cold milk and after five mins warm it and melt it and add in the mix. 
  4. If one wants to add malibu in it. 
  5. Keep it aside for further use. 

Mango filling

  1. Mango puree: 200 gms 
  2. Granulated sugar:30 gms 
  3. Gelatin : 3 gms 
  4. Water: 15 gms 


  1. Soak the gelatin in water. 
  2. Boil the mango puree and sugar 
  3. Warm and dissolve the gelatin 
  4. Add in the mango puree to it 
  5. Keep it aside.


  1. Pour the mango filling in the mould and set it in the fridge for 45 minutes; make five portions. 
  2. Once the mango filling is placed, pour the panna cotta mix 
  3. Use one’s imagination and decorate and serve chilled.