Cheese Vs Butter: Which One Is Healthier And Why?
Image Credit: Cheese Vs Butter

Butter vs Cheese Nutrition: Butter toast or cheese sandwiches are the most preferred breakfast by many of us these days. But what if you have to choose between the two? It's a tough choice because both have their unique taste which can't be compared. So let's talk about their distinction in terms of health perspective and know their pros and cons. 

  1. How is their taste different? The taste of cheese is slightly creamy and sweet, while the butter is somewhat sticky-sour. But do you know the similarity between the two? They both are fat enhancers. 
  2. How are they made? Cheese is made from frozen or fermented milk, while butter is made from the fat that comes out after churning the milk. Hence, butter is high in fat.  
  3. Protein value: Cheese contains more protein than butter; that's why gym-goers and bodybuilders are asked to consume it often. On the other hand, butter contains high fat and a minimal amount of protein, so it is suggested to people gaining weight. 
  4. What can be digested quickly? There is a difference when it comes to digesting cheese and butter. Eating cheese keeps the stomach full for a long time, but butter gets digested quickly. Therefore, cheese is recommended for people losing weight as it has high satiety value, keeps us full for longer and curb hunger pangs.  

Can butter provide instant energy? 

  1. There is also a variation in the amount of calcium and energy present in cheese and butter. 
  2. Cheese is rich in calcium, whereas butter has little or no calcium. 
  3. Cheese is also known to be good for heart health; moreover, it has less cholesterol than butter. 
  4. Butter is ahead of cheese only in energy; therefore, eating it immediately provides stamina to the body.
  5. On the other hand, cottage cheese (instead of paneer) will give you an instant energy boost due to vitamin B12 present in it. 

So what are you opting for? Remember to choose as per your body needs and that moderation is the key.