Checkout These 4 Places To Taste Twisted Maggi Versions In Delhi

Maggi is the ultimate dish for hungry souls; it is not just a plate of food; for some people, it is a lifesaver. Be it soupy or dry; it is perfect for lunch, breakfast, or your midnight cravings. No one can say ‘no’ to Maggi at any time or in any form. From mountains to plains, this comfort food has endless customization and immense varieties. So gorge on and check out some irresistible twisted Maggi spots in Delhi.

Chicken Maggi Masala Pizza @Woodbox Cafe

For foodies, nothing is enough, and hence is the combination of Maggi and pizza. Woodbox cafe has come up with the twist of two opposite dishes and crashing to make the scrumptious Maggi pizza. So now you don’t need to choose or get confused about what you want to eat. You can also find other Maggi dishes such as Maggi lasagna with fries, garlic mayo Maggi, peri-peri Maggi, mint and mushroom Maggi, and chatpata Maggi bhel.

Where | Woodbox Cafe- GTB Nagar, Indirapuram, & Satya Niketan

Timings | 11 am - 10 pm

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Spicy Maggi Kebabs @ The Circle Cafe

Time to get crazy; this outlet serves six types of spicy Maggi kebabs, generously stuffed with noodles and cheese. Once you come here, you can also find some variations in the form of Maggi momos, Maggi sandwiches, and Maggi warps.

Where | the Circle Cafe- Greater Noida

Timings | 12 noon - 10 pm

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Maggi Samosa @ Samosa Street

If you think you have tasted all the versions of samosas, maybe you have missed the Maggi samosa. This is a little different and hence will blow your mind. Here samosas are filled with flavourful maggie and are fried until crispy and golden. Samosa Street also serves the double cheese Maggi and chilli paneer Maggi samosas.

Where | Samosa Street- old bus stand, Tri Nagar, Lawrence Road

Timings | 11 am- 10 pm

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Maggi Dosa @ The Great Indian Dosa

The great Indian dosa has spun the south Indian staple into delicious Maggi masala dosa. It is a famous and favourite among maggie lovers. The dosa is filled with Maggi, onions, capsicum, spices, and veggies and is also served with sambar and south Indian chutneys. Waiting for what? Come and gorge on this crispy golden Maggi masala dosas.

Where | The Great Indian DOsa, Edward Lane, GTB Nagar

Timings | 11 am - 11 pm

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