Check Out These Schezwan Momos That Are Literally On Fire
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, These momos come with a vibrant red gravy.

There are have been uncountable instances in the past where we’ve come across some eye-catching foods. It could be the process of making the dish, the presentation, the food styling or simply the colours. The momo mania is one real craze in Delhi. Although momos are a Tibetan dish, they have carved a special place for themselves in the hearts of thousands of people in Delhi today. Like in every nook and corner of the city, you would find golgappas and chaat counters earlier, there is a newbie that has joined the gang. Moreover, the vast variety of momos that are available to us also prove the fan fare. 

Recently, a food blogger, @thelostchefff shared a reel on his Instagram handle and it has blown our minds away. The video featured schezwan momos, but they aren’t any ordinary momos. While the momos are being made you would be thinking what is so great about them. Once the huge boom of fire erupts, you’ll know what we are talking about. Can’t wait? Take a look. 

Source: The Lost Chefff/Instagram 

The video begins with oil being poured into a pre-heated pan. The steamed momos are dunked into the pan and tossed up and down. Once they have blackish marks, the momos are drained of all the excess oil. Then chopped vegetables like carrots, onions and beans are added to the momos which are further cooked, but on fire. Oil is continuously added from one hand while the momos are tossed in flames with the other. Then a plethora of sauces are added to the momos like ketchup, red chilli sauce and schezwan chutney. All of this is mixed together properly till the sauce thickens. Then the momos are transferred onto small paper plates and served. 

These saucy and gravy momos look extremely vibrant and tempting. These momos are being sold at a street side shop in Ghaziabad’s Jaipuria Estate by a native of Darjeeling, as per the caption. 

Now, if you’re up for a momo treat, try these today. 

1.  Steamed Chicken Momos 

The classic and most popular ones, the minced chicken dumplings are placed on an oil-brushed steamer. These soft and moist momos are served with a delectable chutney. 

2.  Italian Spiced Chicken Momos 

With a spicy Italian seasoning, minced chicken and vegetables are wrapped in these Italian-style momos. These can be steamed, fried or pan-fried and are best paired with a spicy chutney and mayonnaise dip.