Changes That Occur When You Quit Eating White Sugar
Image Credit: White sugar (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Indians consumed 27 million metric tons of sugar in 2020, says data published by Statista Research Department. You may not feel concerned about it, but we do. The data shows that more and more people are being addicted to artificial sugars. No, using the word “addiction” is no exaggeration. You will be astounded to learn that excessive sugar consumption elevates your dopamine levels in the same manner drug use does. Your excessive desire for sugars can damage your health in multiple ways. A super sugar-laden diet can increase your likelihood of weight gain, heart diseases, diabetes, and more. On the contrary, its moderate use is advisable. According to the American Heart Association, men and women can consume an average of 9 and 6 teaspoons of added sugar daily, respectively. 

Did you ever think about what will happen to your body if you quit sugar entirely? Well, it can bring specific changes to your body and mind too. Let’s know about a few of them below.  

You May Look Youthful

One of the significant signs of ageing are wrinkles that occur early if you consume too much sugar. Two main proteins that are responsible for our younger-looking skin are collagen and elastin. When you consume too much sugar, its molecules bind to these proteins and deform them. This process is called glycation. You can prevent it from occurring by reducing or quitting your sugar intake. Moreover, not having sugar can reduce glucose and insulin in your bloodstream, further minimizing your risk of developing inflammation linked to ageing. 

You May Feel Joyful

Eating sugar makes you feel happy temporarily, but its long-term consumption can cause chronic inflammation, further affecting your brain function. This can lead to depression. So, when you cut sugar out from your meals, you feel light, and your mood is boosted up in just two to three weeks. However, according to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, those who consume foods rich in added sugar are more likely to be depressed than their counterparts. 

You May Lose Weight

Artificial sugar goes through many processing that makes them rich in calories and extremely low in nutrients. This means having them daily in too much amount can cause weight gain. On the other hand, quitting sugar consumption can keep you away from sugar cravings and lower your calorie intake. As a result, you shed those extra pounds. 

Can Make You Live Longer

When you opt for sugary foods and end up elevating your glucose level in your bloodstream, the production of insulin hormone also increases to compensate for that. This activates a part of your nervous system that further causes increased heart rate and blood pressure. These conditions can potentially cause type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and more. As per research issued in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal, people who eat the most added sugars are most likely to die from cardiovascular diseases than those who do not consume too much. This means that not opting for added sugars can reduce your risk of developing the diseases mentioned earlier and conditions, and you may live longer. 

Now that you know how sugar makes you sick, would you go for it in excess? Ask this question to yourself. Stay healthy and happy is all we wish for you.