Chaitra Navratri 2024: 7 Health Benefits of Samak Rice
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This year, the Chaitra Navratri is going to start on 9th April 2024. The Navratri lasts for nine days, during which people like to express their devotion to the divine goddess in a lot of different ways. Temples are beautifully embellished, and people sing bhajans in praise of the goddess during these nine days. The crucial aspect of Navratri is the nine-day fast that is observed by a lot of people. 

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During these fasts, one cannot eat regular food and only specific types of foods are allowed for consumption. A person can eat fruits and vegetables along with buckwheat flour and samak rice. Most people only eat this food because of religious reasons. However, what a lot of people do not know is that samak rice also has a lot of health benefits. Other than being vegan and gluten-free, it is highly nutritious. Here are some of the top benefits of eating samak rice. 

* Fibrous

Samak rice is extremely fibrous, which makes it perfect for digestion. During Navratri, as one is not allowed to eat regular food, it is important to eat light and digestible food so that the stomach doesn't have to put in a lot of effort. These rice have a higher amount of fibre, which makes them great for digestion. They also contain different types of micronutrients. Also, eating this rice in a low quantity makes a person feel full and energetic.

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* Great For Heart

In a study published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology in 2016, it was found that barnyard millet, which is samak rice, is great for the health of the heart. It can possess a lot of health benefits, such as decreasing the risk of obesity and diabetes-related problems in the body. As this grain is a rich source of iron, zinc, calcium, and protein, it can certainly help in preventing the risk of any cardiovascular disease in the long run.

* Great For Diabetic Patients

Barnyard millet is also the perfect type of grain for diabetic patients as it is gluten-free. In the Journal of Food Science and Technology in 2016, it was published that being a source of good fat, vitamins, and a lot of essential micronutrients, samak rice is really good for the health of diabetic patients as it's highly digestible and also doesn't lead to a spike in the glucose or sugar levels of a person. It can be extremely helpful in managing type 2 diabetes because of its low glycemic index.

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* Weight Management 

If one wants to lose some extra kilos and eat rice, then switching to samak rice is a great idea. These rice have a very similar texture to white rice or brown rice but, at the same time, are much more nutritious and fibrous. They are highly digestive and come with different types of nutrients and vitamins. Samak rice is also a source of healthy and soluble fats. So if somebody is trying to lose some extra kilos, then eating this rice can be a great idea.

* Great For Iron deficiency 

Samak rice is one of the best natural sources of iron. If a person is suffering from iron deficiency and wants to include food that is naturally rich in iron in their diet, then going for samak rice is a great idea. One should not only think of eating these during Navratri but also in day-to-day life as well. Making this switch is extremely healthy for the body, and one can get rid of a lot of different types of deficiencies naturally.

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* A Complete Grain

As stated above, barnyard millet is a great source of different types of nutrients, such as iron, magnesium, protein, calcium, zinc, carbohydrates, and fats, and it can be easily termed a complete and nutritious grain. One doesn't have to take the pain of including different types of foods in their meals. Samak rice is a super food that can provide the human body with different types of nutrients and vitamins all at once. Combining samak rice with some fresh vegetables and curd can make up for one of the healthiest meals one can have.

* Great For Stomach Health

Samak rice can also help digestion in the body and get rid of a lot of stomach-related problems. As it is extremely healthy and fibrous, problems like bloating, gas, digestive discomforts, and many such things can be easily avoided. Regular consumption of this rice can help in eradicating these problems and provide a permanent defence to the body against these abdominal problems.