Chai Could Be The Reason Of Weight Gain; What You Need To Know
Image Credit: Unsplash

Can your daily cup of Chai (tea) cause you to gain weight? Most tea enthusiasts will giggle at this question because Chai is much more than simply a beverage in India. For some, Chai is a soothing beverage, but for others, it is a sweet passion that keeps them going. But did you realise that this love of yours could be the secret cause of your inexplicable weight gain? Here's an idea that will make you reconsider your fondness for desi Chai.

There's no doubting that the right combination of sweetness and flavour is a Chai, but the addition of refined sugar combined with full-fat milk can increase the calories in this drink. While a standard cup of tea has approximately 126 calories depending on the preparation, the addition of full-fat milk, which has approximately 62 calories in 100ml, combined with 1 tablespoon of sugar, which has 48 calories, can increase the calorie content of your ordinary Chai. Surprisingly, most people take Chai 2-5 times per day, which may be one of the underlying reasons why most fitness plans fail.

Time To Replace Chai?

The notion of giving up your favourite blend of tranquilly may make you sad, but there are some simple ways to adjust your Chai recipe and enjoy it thoughtfully.

1. Cut back on sugar

Refined sugar gives Chai soul but no nourishment. So, if you are a tea user, missing sugar may seem difficult, but to stay in shape, you can either lower the amount of sugar in your tea or minimise your tea intake. If you want to lose weight, limit the amount of refined sugar, honey, jaggery, and condensed milk you put in your tea. If you still want a little sweetness in your Chai, you can add sugar or stevia.

2. Select Low-Fat Milk

The addition of high-fat milk to your usual Chai also affects the calorie count. The simplest method to make changes is to use dairy-free milk alternatives such as oat milk, almond milk, or soy milk. You can also use low-fat milk instead of sweetened milk powders and heavy cream.

3. Add the herbs and spices

Tulsi, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg are some herbs and spices to try. These will improve the nutrition of Chai while also increasing metabolism, which will aid in weight management. Spices with fat-burning properties, such as cinnamon, fennel, carom seeds, and cloves, are well-known.

If you are on a weight reduction journey and hooked to Chai, this is one of the factors preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals. To stay in shape, you don't have to give up your love of Chai. You can start by making changes to your Chai recipe by lowering your intake of Chai or choosing herbal teas.

Chai is primarily drunk in India as an energy booster, and believe it or not, this beverage is not harmful if consumed in moderation. This is because Chai contains a flavonoid called Catechins, which aids in the breakdown of fat molecules. This helps to increase the metabolic rate, which aids in weight reduction. Caffeine, which is present in tea, also aids in increasing energy levels and burning calories. It is not the Chai itself that causes weight gain, but the addition of flavour enhancers such as sugar, heavy cream, or full-fat milk. So, if you're wanting to lose weight, alter your Chai recipe, drink fewer cups of tea per day, or simply switch to herbal teas to lose weight faster.