Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Reveals When He Felt The Most Intimidated In The Kitchen
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Gordon Ramsay

Restaurateur, television presenter and chef par excellence, Gordon Ramsay is all that and more. The celebrity chef dons many hats and has become a well-known name in the food industry. Besides everything, the chef is known to be an intimidating reality-show judge, who is usually seen roasting and giving harsh criticism to several participants. His witty reactions have even become a hit online. However, did you know that the ace chef too was once intimidated in the kitchen? Sounds unbelievable but Ramsay himself recently revealed this fact! In an appearance on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show', he spoke about his inspiration behind becoming a chef, shared his childhood stories and also revealed the most intimidating person that he had ever cooked for.  

 Sharing an instance from the past, the chef said that he felt quite intimidated once when he was invited to London’s 10 Downing Street to cook for the former Prime Minister of the UK Tony Blair, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the two first ladies. He revealed how he had to carry his own pots and pans to cook the meal. “So you'd be on Downing Street and you'd expect a kitchen that was set with, you know, a proper kitchen et cetera. But we were loading in pots and pans,” he said during the TV show. He was also scared that he would give the world leaders food poisoning. "That was quite an extraordinary experience," he added. Watch the full video here:

When he was asked who is the most famous person you remember eating your food that you were excited about, Ramsay revealed that he once got the opportunity to meet and cook for Lady Diana, when he used to work in Paris. He was just 27 years old back then and remembers the day clearly even today. "It was such an amazing moment, sort of meeting such a wonderful lady. She was asking me about the specials and how she wanted to eat properly and have a dessert, give some time between courses, and it was just this incredible six minutes that you'll never forget," he said about the short meeting.

Aren’t these exciting revelations?